Degradation of reform

Transformations in the Army must rely on the advice of the military experts of society

The main task of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is to protect the sovereignty, integrity and inviolability of the area of the country in time of war — a reflection of anger and defense of the Fatherland. Because the reform of the defense department should be aimed at strengthening the Russian army.

But in general, in the reform of the harsh admitted mistakes. Reformers may have guided the greedy goals and interests — to rescue more than an army of property and faster to implement it at reduced prices.

Many of the activities carried out were useless, imaginary, and without costly tribute to scientific evidence, which ultimately led to the weakening of the Armed Forces. Despite the increased military threat in some areas of Russian Federation unreasonably reduced size of the army up to 1 million people, eliminated a number of districts (only four), as all divisions and regiments.

District and Brigadier redistribution

Naikrupneyshey mistake was the elimination of a number of districts. A similar blunder committed war minister Dmitry Milutin in the reform of the defense department during the second half of the XIX century, during which only limited to the creation of four districts. Russian-Japanese and the first global war claimed the creation of an additional 11 military districts, including the capital, Orenburg, West Siberian, East Siberian and others. Were restored to them all liquidated Army Corps, General Staff of subordinated specifically to the king. During the Russian war majestically neighborhood worked to mobilize, deploy, and prepare for the army reserves, provided the call and direction of the Armed Forces of 29 million people (of course, now these resources are not available). Hard to imagine how the four neighborhood on large areas of the country will be able to perform the tasks of mobilization and training of reserves.

Degradation of reform

Past Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said that our military neighborhood brought to combat readiness and mobilization from a few months to a year or more. This does not correspond to reality. The district troops made rapid mobilization and deployment within one to two weeks. Mobilization of resources and training for the army they spent all the years of the war. You can not combine these concepts.

The elimination of divisions and regiments of the Army, the substitution of them into teams, and Air Force bases (in imitation zabugornom armies) have led to a decrease in aircraft and combat abilities have made much more difficult to control the troops. In smaller teams of personnel and equipment (tanks, guns, mortars, air defense, intelligence) than the divisions, they do not have the units to power the rear soldiers and officers, providing fuel, ammunition, weapons and military equipment repair. What kind of increase combat power can be reported if it is a tactical compound is able to fight at the front of the acts of 5-10 km (all the teams in the 500-1000 km laterally), and the length of our borders — many thousands of kilometers. They fail to even cover the state border in important areas.

Eliminating the division, former defense minister and his advisers apparently did not know that the U.S. Army has 16 divisions, each numbering 18 thousand. At the moment they re-form in the lungs of non-permanent division and will consist of several brigades and support units.

In addition, as part of the U.S. National Guard, the 1st of the main strategic reserves, there are 10 divisions. The South American command believes that the division will be able to manage teams in the conduct of hostilities. The presence of divisions, as well as armored cavalry regiments, retains the existing traditions and units, and the prestige of the army. And we celebrated the division, as, for example, Kantemyrivs'ka known military academy liquidated.

We need to return to the divisions. We must not forget that during the Russian war Lofty was formed about 500 infantry divisions. Should not turn away from all divisions of reduced strength. They were the basis for mobilization and deployment. In the divisions can have three or four teams, including one reduced strength for reservists training and the formation of new units.

Laying on the mobilization of the four neighborhood will not solve the problem of mobilization. The main activity in this area was conducted by commanders and staffs and units reduced strength and military commissariats (Commissioner must be a soldier, not a civilian bureaucrat disenfranchised).

Management failures

Proclaimed by the transition to a three-tier system of command and control and the elimination of armies, corps and divisions is not currently provide a reliable command and control. Commanders in chief (commanders) and their staffs with the available means of communication fail to organize the interaction of countless teams in certain areas. Systems and network-centric control method is still far from perfect and the real implementation of the troops. The transition to a three-system can not provide a reliable command and control. So as not to lose in combat brigade criteria should be returned to the previous four-tier system, first in the Far East.

The role of the Air Force in modern conditions has increased, they have become the main mobile and shock means of warfare and the introduction of high-precision weapons. Elimination of air divisions and regiments and the establishment of eight air bases have led to a weakening of the Air Force, the vulnerability of their home.

Russian military equipment with modern weaponry, especially high-precision instrument, should be accelerated in the current time it has about 5 percent of the amount ought to. It is planned to bring the equipment to them in 2015 to 30 percent in 2020 — up 70 percent. Plans should be made. But appropriations for this underfunded — 10 years 22 trillion rubles (two trillion per year).

Past Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov appreciated the scale of illegal monetary transactions in 2011 to two trillion rubles, about half of them came in the illegal withdrawal of money over the limit. It should cover the loophole withdrawal limit for currency, and also money embezzlement in the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex and the increment is made for the acceleration of equipping the army with modern weapons.

You can not just rely on the nuclear weapon. Its use is very problematic and can lead to inflict preemptive or retaliatory strike that cause unacceptable harm and kill our people and the government.

To conduct regional and large-scale war must have armed forces, equipment not only nuclear weapons, and the ordinary means of massive destruction.

Calculations for military reform should be clarified.

Statement by former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in the State Duma that to carry it out fairly saved them 25 billion rubles, irresponsible and showed his incompetence and inconsistency hold the post. But none of the deputies did not even adjusted the minister.

As you know, just to provide laid-off officers apartments has already spent more than 300 billion rubles, and so far the military, consisting of a staff of many years, the currency composition is obtained.

Creating a system of outsourcing exacerbated logistics troops. The units and is Fri deployment and combat criteria remain without food, fuel, ammunition and repair facilities will incur the loss of languishing in the battle and their fate awaits our mechanized corps liquidated in July 1941
. Serdyukov did this to absolve themselves of the administrative functions of the Minister, to make the atmosphere of irresponsibility and conditions for misappropriation of municipal funds.

Foreign experience spare part

In future wars, an important role as in the past will play a strategic reserves. Because along with the forces in the theater of operations to prepare and have strategic reserves to strengthen them. They need to be mobile, Fully shock means capable to inflict defeat and change the course of the armed struggle.

The military and political control of the United States and NATO countries pays special attention to the creation and preparation of strategic reserves.

In local wars the United States, along with the standing army extensively used spare parts. Thus, in the war with Iraq in 1991 were intended to 200 thousand reservists and aircraft military transport aircraft in a combat zone was transferred 35 thousand American fighter. And units of the State Guard took part in all wars that led the United States. They made up 40 percent of the personnel of the U.S. troops stationed in Iraq, and up to one-third — in Afghanistan.

These replacement components are available in the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries.

In the People's Republic of building the armed forces carried out in accordance with the concept of "people's war" and the latest strategy of active defense front line. China's policy is aimed at ensuring the implementation of the state's development strategy, which aims to achieve by the middle of the twenty-first century, the status of the majestic power, occupies a dominant position in the Asia-Pacific region.

China's armed forces consist of permanent and units — 2.35 million reserve — about 500-600 thousand, and the People's Armed Police — 1.5 million. In China, there are up to 20 million trained reservists.

Preparation of strategic reserves should be one of the principal functions and military control Russian Federation.

Personnel training

In the Russian Armed Forces, has developed a harmonious system of military education that has stood the test of time: the special school, Suvorov (Nakhimov) school, secondary, and higher military schools and academies (2-3-year) and the different types of courses and the armed forces. And in the end, the Academy of the General Staff.

In this system, preparing good officers. Naturally, not all of them have a good general education, and have one or two foreign languages, but were prepared by military experts. Should not crush tested this scheme. It was necessary to carefully calculate the real and promising demand for officers and personnel on the basis of these calculations is to reduce unnecessary schools, and some together. And of course, this is not acceptable to trust the reform of the education system randomly bureaucrats that were previously not care for this type of activity. What a good result could be expected from the operation of the control of the Department (in fact, the brain controls) Military Education Priezzheva Catherine, who previously worked in the tax office.

Requiring the return of the old system of recruitment, designed assignments and military ranks. The main management personnel should be engaged in the selection of senior officers (generals and colonels), but not at the service of registration of contract soldiers and commanders of the divisions.

Russian example

Statements by former managers of the increasing intensity of Defense combat training and conducting large maneuvers should not be considered severe.

I had the opportunity to participate in almost all exercises in the postwar years. So, on the maneuvers carried out on the terrain neighborhood Carpathian military district commander under the Russian Union of Marshal Ivan Konev, troops were involved 2-and one mechanized combined arms armies, Air Force Area, Air Force distant aircraft, army air defense, missile army and the Airborne Troops. On the exercise training center in Lviv (Yavoriv range) actually carried out artillery preparation (with the role of 600 guns and mortars). To end the breakthrough of the main strip and the seizure of the second line of defense was entered into combat mechanized division, which had in its composition 250 tanks. After a conditional application of nuclear strikes to capture the military band and the coming of in-depth introduced mechanized army in battle and parachuted Airborne Division as a whole.

On the teaching of "Dnepr", held in 1967 under the control of Russian Defense Minister Marshal Andrei Grechko Union, attended the troops 2-military districts — Belorussian and Carpathian. They are committed to the advancement of 500-600 km, the move comes, crossed the Dnieper, the defense held, applied counterattacks. Carried landing helicopter assault and landing Airborne Division.

On one of the exercises in Siberia, three motorized infantry regiment to march under their own power at a distance of over 1,000 km in three days.

At the moment, scientists make the maneuver, one or two teams. From the central part of the country and burn the aircraft, one company. Events are often ostentatious character. At such exercises do not increase troop field training, and commanders, commanders and staffs do not receive pay tribute to the practice in the management of troops.

Role of Experts

Changes should help to strengthen the combat and mobilization readiness of the army. The lack of success in this activity in almost all explained by the fact that the reform made by untrained persons in military terms, laymen who do not understand the essence of what is happening and are not responsible for the failures, for the state of the Armed Forces and the defense of the country. Defense Minister unacceptable to have 10's advisers, ignorant deputies and assistants, to appoint the heads of departments familiar ladies. This contributed to the creation of criteria for making abuse of power that are currently being investigated by the appropriate authorities.

The current situation with the military reform is very negative impact on the mood of the personnel, especially officers, has lowered the prestige of life among the people of our country. In this regard, not entirely clear positive evaluation of Serdyukov as defense minister, given by some leaders, and the call against him in respect of the principle of presumption of innocence.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu quickly understood and took action to correct a number of errors in the reform, because in this article, there is no need to touch them.

In the conduct of military reform should be amended. It is better to charge a commission composed of military leaders, war veterans and scientists to create adequate proposals and submit them to the Minister of Defence.

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