Hazing: In Nara sent a regiment of

Hazing: In Nara sent a regiment of

In today, the number of crimes related to hazing, grown up immediately on the third part of

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation — the chief military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky made a sensational confession: after lowering the insignificance of the 2009 cases in the Russian army barracks massacre, called hazing, statistics of this kind of military atrocities in the armed forces again jerked upward. Yes, not on some measly interest that, in general, would also be anxious. In the first nine months of the year today — a descent to the third part! From January to August, the military courts in this regard in prison sent a regiment of the ringleaders — 1400 fighter and sergeants.

Fridinskiy complained, "It was hoped that with the reduction of service life (with a 2-year to a year -" JV ") sick leave tradition and informal system of hierarchy in military units, hazing in the army will be finished. Did not happen. Specifically conscripts forms the statistics of bullying. " Unexpected collapse of the beautiful illusion of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office could be posoboleznovat. But why is there not listen to those who are closest to the barracks? At least Lieutenant-General Vladimir Chirkin, commander of the Siberian Military neighborhood. In February of the present year, he admitted: "Unfortunately, bullying in the army remains in our acute discrepancy. With the latest service system now those who have served six months, consider themselves "old men", and continue the same. Apparently, this infection is transmitted. "

The circumstances of the present surge in crime military barrack called a huge amount. But almost the main, from their point of view — a steady increase in recent years in the Army and Navy fighter and a number of sailors conscripts. The reason is clear: the service life reduced by half, is approximately the same amount grown and draft plan for military offices. In the spring of 2008, the army called 133 thousand young men, in the spring today — already 270 thousand recruits, and in these autumn days will have to change clothes in an overcoat over 300 thousand recruits. Already in the barracks and crew spaces — and more willing to make a row, the generals argue.

From the standpoint of the theory of probability — all right. But after all the amazing plans for military offices were the result and 1 st — the complete failure of the idea of a contract with the Army. Of the approximately 200 thousand of today's Russian military overage "pro" in 2012 decided to throw in the line exactly half. Now they are being driven by "citizen" without mercy, for the smallest infraction. It is clear why: the human and Prof. properties of those who once lured into the army by the contract, in almost all cases, leave much to be desired a lot of the best.

Whether it was necessary to wait for another, putting our "Rambo" salary of 8-10 thousand rubles per month? Naturally, pecking at the bait is almost always either outright outcasts or those who for some reason found themselves in civilian life. From such one loss not only in the military. And who are they to change? Naturally, the soldiers conscripts. In addition, because of the military offices and call: "Come on, come on …"

But in any case flared up in today, a fire barrack crime must urgently put out. What? Office of the Ministry of Defense, it seems own recipe caused. Army decided to do "with a human face". On the old days was the
it is clear that the Defense Ministry is not opposed to the Pope with their own mothers accompanied designed to serve children up to the gate of the regimental checkpoint. One of the parents are even willing to give back trip in the military echelon. However, only one way, and only in the presence of empty seats in the car.

Even earlier, in one of the suburban infantry brigades began to experience in the implementation of mandatory routine day or an afternoon nap for servicemen. And the physical exercises are run from that point in running shoes and sports suits. With today's fall draft ancestors have the right to appear at the draft board and take part in a lively discussion, in which the army and how far away from home will be serving their offspring. Allowed the men to have a barracks and cell phones. In general, many commanders fear that the emergence of this miracle of technology in the rookie underdog could trigger the same "grandfather" in another act of vandalism barracks. And to worsen, so Makarov, those statistics of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office. But there is nothing, the order of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to do.

But there are a lot of exotic recipes and least against military hazing. For example, many years fruitlessly debated problem of the creation of the military police, who would deal with things in order in our military units. Abroad, these units have long been and fluctuate in their effectiveness is not necessary. We, too, like we do not mind. Everything boils down to the question of who the military police to subdue? If the Ministry of Defense, the institutional interests may prevail over principles. And if the police become independent intelligence service — so the Defense Ministry and the General Staff is very much independent overseer not painful and unnecessary. So the question is buried in fruitless discussions.

Do you remember how when he was defense minister Sergei Ivanov decided to everywhere pozakryvat guardhouse, which served as a warning for at least a barracks "grandfathers"? Felt that the principles of the burgeoning democracy regimental and garrison prison is not adequate. With all of this out of the hands of commanders vyshybli in almost all cases, the only active argument against those who does not think of words. Error soon became trivial to everyone. January 1, 2007 "lip" it was decided to return anywhere. Here's outlook on this score Chairman of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Vladimir Khomchik: "Unfortunately, for more than three years of military, citing a lack of funds, not built a single modern guardhouse and remodels of old. Almost the entire army now there is only one modern guardhouse. "

It is possible that now have to seriously revive the proposals. Because what is happening today in the Armed Forces with bullying can be summarized in one word from the Army vocabulary: "Help!"

What does happen in the Armed Forces? With this issue the reporter asked the chairman of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of the Russian Federation Valentina Melnikova.

-I have at the moment surprise. What Fridinskiy said, in fact, not so bad. To be honest, we must admit that the barracks crime in our army is full of character. Everyone who comes to serve, passes through humiliation. Not sure will break your head, but without the slap of his comrades did not do any rookie. With all of this for the cuffs criminal cases do not start. And what says chief military Attorney — this criminal case, the courts have passed.

— But it was on their third more?

— Means people ended afraid to file complaints. The soldiers themselves, their ancestors. Previously silent on the principle: "What would not work is even worse." When the young soldier's colleagues pulled 500 rubles, mother expelled them properly, so that the offspring are not thrashed. The noise raised only when the starti
ng seek to 5 thousand.

— How it all at once plucked up the courage?

— I'm sure that affected the position of Minister of Defense Serdyukov. He, by the way, is completely modern, not violent people. And very strictly asked to subordinates for the order in the troops.

-Especially, it turns out hazing in the armed forces of all the worse.

— Comes out. Not only because of the minister. All structures below it remained unchanged. People in them, in the main, the same as before. With his mind, gaze, and habits. It commanders, including 10-ki priuchivali years that at least some emergency that came up, can put bold cross on his career. But
evenly and priuchivayut that offenders need to fight in public.

— So it really is perfect here and Serdyukov?

— It may be faulty, but he knows how to listen. Let's say we have long assured him that the former political workers call education officer stupid. It was necessary to bring up in kindergarten, and not in the army. And in the army — to work with the personnel. Since the former General Political Department and call management to work with the personnel. This changes the function. And just found out that the Minister has accepted our offer.

— Rename another military office, and things will get better?

— Of course not. We will be working on. For example, to find out why the order of the internal troops in the barracks at times better than the Army. Maybe because the internal forces are waging a war in the North Caucasus. And when you're in the arms, not hurt, it will give hands. But perhaps this is only part of the truth. Must be considered.

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