Hazing in the Russian army: Sources and methods of struggle

Hazing in the Russian army: Sources and methods of struggle

The peculiarity of such phenomena as bullying, is that it actually appeared simultaneously and just as quickly became a kind of subculture. But to come to a particular conclusion, which is a prerequisite for its occurrence, experts simply can not. Up to now, there are disputes about what caused this phenomenon still, whether its natural occurrence in today's society, whether it is the results of errors and failures of management, whether ordinary course of events.

The majority of the younger generation believes that hazing is an appropriate feature of Russian Army from the very beginning of its existence, but in fact this concept has appeared only in the 1970s. In fact, bullying is a part of the global phenomena such as bullying case. It can have several varieties as being degrading. This is not just some military ceremony of transfer from one group (according to the period of service) to another. This work, which no matter that must be carried by all soldiers of military service, but only transferred to the young fighter. It could be work, which passed on a fighter who do not care for them have not. And the more fierce kind of bullying — physical izymatelstva young conscripts on completion.

This phenomenon is catchy at first because it is supported by around a special cult, which contributes to its special "persistence" in comparison with other forms of bullying. Summary cause bullying is a certain principle of acceptability: the men that have passed all the tests in the first year of service, decide to "break away from complete" in the future. In addition, there is also such a thing as "snitching," which also plays an important role in maintaining the cult of hazing.

With regard to the socio-political circumstances of occurrence of this phenomenon, it is often associated with changes in society, where the concept of friendship, a friendship lost its value. The new generation in a meaningful part of it is not able to manifest such properties. Another prerequisite for a public plan is the breakdown of the Soviet Union, when the "community" principle has become more irrelevant. All this is reflected in the failure of functioning of the army. In addition, contributed to the bullying and the democratization of society and the weakening of discipline. The result — a new generation of fighter who came to the office, did not want to unconditionally do all orders. But after all army suggests storge discipline and precise, accurate and faster execution of orders without any debate. Therefore the occurrence of bullying on the part of the officers in the army was a foregone conclusion.

In addition to naming with the circumstances, there are other, more fundamental. For example, the configuration associated with the moral climate of the army, in other words, the call to serve a significant number of "wrong" people. The problem is that the contingent of recruits significantly decreased, but the number of military units remained virtually unchanged. So had to build up the call, significantly reducing the requirements for newcomer generation fighter. As a result, the service of the army have been even individuals associated with the underworld.

Vserasprostranennym enough explanation of this phenomenon in the society is the problem of the conflict of generations. The fact that at the time of occurrence of bullying makes the transition from a 3-year term of service on a two-year, and those who had to serve a longer period of time, uniformly began to vent their displeasure with those who are more lucky.

Of course, to fight bullying can and should be. You do not even have certain ways. In 1-x, you need to take a fighter of all, that he had no time or desire for the manifestation of hazing. But this requires a base, respectively, and the officer corps. In-2, allocate for each rookie coach of the older, which will be responsible not only for his actions, and for the state (similar practice was in America). But to determine what specific ways will be a "mentoring", it will be very difficult to find, well, the main purpose of the commanders is to increase the combat readiness of military units, rather than control of the fighters. B-3, you can enter an army independent of management, supervisors, which would have made control of the situation in the army, but this is due to financial costs and bolshennymi neuvvyazkami certain moral and ethical characteristics.

In addition, you can reduce the life of the army uniform and go to one hundred percent professional mercenary army. This particular way of elected Russian military command to combat hazing in the army. But the measure, according to the military itself, was not very effective. According to Sergei Fridinsky, "the victory over hazing yet read early." The number of crimes such as before remains enormous. From the force-action affected thousands of troops, many have received severe injuries, and died there. Virtually every fourth army formation is linked to breaches of the relationship. This explains, and a substantial number of cases of suicide in the middle of a fighter.

So, it is not so long ago in the Russian army took such a resonant case. In the military brigade, stationed in Volgograd, committed suicide 22-year-old fighter conscripts Dmitry Nikitin. He was very diligent fighter, because quite rapidly moved up the career ladder. After quite a small period of time after the start of the service, he was promoted to corporal and was appointed commander of the department. But it's not like junior sergeant, which He ran up to that office. Because he began to systematically humiliate Nikitin at all. The last straw that eventually led to the disaster, was the beating of Corporal. The next day after that Nikitin was shot. It happened three months after the start of the service.

Junior sergeant admitted guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison, but the ancestors served in the tribunal and to the Ministry of Defence, wanting to get moral compensation. They won the case: Tribunal ordered the Defense Ministry to pay half a million rubles Nikitina family.

The smallness of the earlier, in 2009, a resounding scandal occurred in the Kaluga garrison, where the platoon commander has permitted itself to apply the assault against a 10-ka fighter-conscripts, who then fled the parts and wrote a complaint to the prosecutor.

Chief Military Prosecutor sure that the cause of the bullying in the Russian army is reduced to a few main reasons: a huge number of conscripts and officers of trivial imperfections. Is also a huge problem of "kuchkovanie" fighter on a national basis. For example, representatives of the Caucasian people really love to set their own rules, which often leads to massive clashes, announcements about which quite rapidly spreading beyond the boundaries of their military unit. A commander at this time on the strength of responsible power, in other words, also let his fists. In this case, the practice is becoming increasingly rare.

Specifically, an increase in the level of occurrence of bullying was one of the reasons that instead of the 1.5 year stint in the Army was introduced on 1 year military service. But S.Fridinsky cited statistics that clearly indicate that a similar measure had great success. For example, in 2011 the officers beat his own subordinates conscripts by 15 percent, and sergeants — twice as often than in 2010. For such violati
ons has been convicted of the order of 1400 people …

According to the coordinator of public organization "The Citizen and the army"Sergei Krivenko, shortening military service was recorded in 2003, when it adopted the federal motivated programm to translate Russian army on a contract basis (half of all military personnel had to be translated into the contract). With all of this it was assumed that those conscripts who come to the army, in the main will receive military occupational specialties (six months training on the basis of special centers, and six months — a practice in linear units). But then the programm "successfully" failed. The reason for that — the management failures of management and outright sabotage the majority of the generals who were not interested in developing a professional army prof. Because, despite the lowest lifetime, a fighter as before sent out in ordinary military units instead of training. So Makar, hazing in a sense, changed the format of its own: discrimination on service life was kinked, but violence is still there, just have to manage those stronger. They set the "rules of the game": the price of clothes, the possibility of going beyond the limits of a military unit, for the fact that to get to the infirmary, and much more.

However, the conviction of human rights activist, hazing can be beat. The main way — a complete transition to a contract army. In this case, the men will commit another legal status, since the contract will surely spelled his rights and obligations by doing that contractor can leave the area part (which was not at the conscripts who were constantly in part and were not allowed to leave the area without its corresponding documents). As an example, he cites the border service, which is completely abandoned the appeal. As a result, no evidence of hazing has been established. Besides, adds S.Krivenko need to take other measures, namely, the army open for public organizations, to provide the means of communication (web, phone call), make the military police to investigate incidents involving the army (for now this feature make commanders).

And most importantly — it is necessary that the government and the military government was interested in all of these configurations. Exclusively in this case, the Russian army will be able to reach a new level of relationship.

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