In the UK, again flooding and squally wind

In Wales and the south-west of England it rains and the wind reaches 100 kilometers per hour. This weather has spread across the UK. According to meteorologists, it will cause further flooding areas. Wet weather will last the first week of May.

In the UK, again flooding and squally wind

Week from 23 to 29 April 2012 was the wettest in England and Wales since December 2011, when the rains have simply disappeared, and in supermarkets announced profitable sales of umbrellas and rubber boots. Agency for Environmental Protection monitors the developments, alerting the public of local flooding. Also observed fast clearing areas of fallen trees, branches and other debris in order to reduce the potential risk of flooding.

More intense rains are expected May 1, 2012 in Wales, and in the central regions of England and the south-east. Many areas at risk of flooding, are in a state of drought after two unusually dry winters. During the last week of April 2012 in these regions dropped excessive rainfall, filling rivers and moistened fields, orchards and forests. However, the ground water level is still low, and the heavy rains had no effect on the state of the drought: the soil, which is a long time without rain, more prone to flooding than any other.

As of April 29, 2012 it was announced five flood warnings in northeast England because of river flooding, including the Ouse and York. Homeowners urged to take measures to protect their property. During the last rains fell from 42 to 55 millimeters of rain, which is 166% more than the average April precipitation.

More than 20 houses were flooded. April 27, 2012 around 7 pm in Durham during the football game 8-year-old boy got into the flow of the river, over the banks. Police and emergency services continue to search for the boy. City Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire is again under threat of severe flooding. In 2007, as a result of heavy rains and flood of the River Severn over 1,800 homes were flooded.

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