Landings of the first roll

Landings of the first roll

The story of Hero of Russian Union of Makar A. Babikova about fighting squad special purpose Pacific Fleet, the spies-leonovtsah, in broad day or captured berths 4 large ports in a deep rear of the enemy and thus to facilitate the liberation of North Korea from the Japanese invaders.

The troops … the 25th Army, commanded by Colonel-General IM Chistyakov, breaking through the defensive area of the Kwantung Army, is rapidly advancing towards the south and south-east on the terrain of Manchuria and Korea.

In this situation the command of the Pacific Fleet has decided to seize the naval base of the enemy on the east bank of Korea and thus cut off from the mother country makarom inland areas, subject to the Land of the Rising Sun, immobilize large naval forces of the enemy.

Maritime reconnaissance squad in the 80, commanded by Hero of Russian Union of Lt. VN Leonov, was given the task of days planted with torpedo boats in the port Ungi, foothold, force and scout the enemy's intentions and to keep the main landing to landing.

Since Aug. 11, on the second day after the beginning of the war with Japan, we went out to sea landing the first throw.

…Right on the nose appear more clearly viewed through the peninsula shape of the town. Combat crews in the field, all the marines on the deck. Taking the gun at the ready, they huddled together, polupriseli along the boards. The motors are muted, the speed is reduced, the boat gently, as if groping, close to the docks. Preserving the silent. All frozen in uncertainty.

Not waiting for the boat fit very tightly, paratroopers, standing along the side, jump on berth and, crouching with machine guns and rifles at the ready, run to the coming buildings. Hiding behind them, do throw at first to spell out, but on their — to the streets of the port.

Send a messenger to report to the commander of his own unit, that the first part of the task — to capture beachhead — done.

Command has ordered us to stand up in the morning. In the evening we stormed the retreating Japanese group. Samurai, deciding that the city occupied by Russian troops, the hills rolled away to the south. And in the morning on August 12 reached the advanced units of the 393rd Division of the 25th Army. Not vorachivayas on base, we headed to the boat further south, in the subsequent port — Nachzhin. And then we planted again of days. The other day, our aircraft and torpedo boats struck a powerful, hit the town. For its part in the port we found solid fires. We landed in the thick smoke and fire. As for now, the eyes are sunken ships, masts sticking out of the water, cutting …

Knocking the opponent out of the port, we stood up to the main landing approach. The Army of Ungi were also in the pipeline. At the nearest hills soon appeared tank columns.

We were ordered to vorachivatsya Vladivostok. But once at sea, our boats were undermined by the mines. Mines, likely to be South American. Almost the other day our troops coming South American naval aircraft took off an unlimited number of new mines along the Korean coast … Boats received severe damage. Killed several of our scouts. Somehow, August 12 at midnight we got to Vladivostok. And as early as 5 am we raised the alarm. The new troops, and again the days!

The command provided that the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun pull force to the area of Chongjin — Nanam and it is here that the enemy wants to stop the coming of the Russian troops. To clarify the situation, the commander of the fleet ordered to urgently put in the port of Chongjin our unit (80 maritime reconnaissance and troop-machine — 100). We went out for 6 boats. Four boat cover, ahead of us, went to Chongjin explore if there was a large naval forces. The fact that the pilots found the other day in the Japan Sea squadron of the enemy. And to prevent our encounter with the big naval forces, the command of the fleet decided to mislead the enemy. The commanders of submarines and cruisers were ordered to prepare for combat operations. So much so, that the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun can intercept and decrypt the orders issued on the radio. This "game" is a success. The Japanese fleet left in Wonsan, and then — in Japan. But of this we learned after the fight. In short, the boat cover met us on the way to Chongjin and in broad day at the speed limit, we flew into the bay.

…Boats maneuver at full speed, and top with capes — a barrage of fire of the enemy shore batteries. Menacing snapping piers ports: military, fisheries and trade. Because of the rapid-beating warehouses guns and machine guns. Boats circling to shy away from the explosions and fire, too. Solid colored dotted lines of machine-gun and machine gun fire, exploding shells, fountains of water.

But here's the boat broke through the fire damper and fan entered the south-western part of the bay. One by one they privalivayut to the pier fishing port, sailors jump on the saved. A boat is also moving away, continuing to shoot, covering us fired shield. So we went into battle. Fire and grenades we pushed the enemy machine-gun suppressed, disguised in port buildings. Keep us on the quays residents of the country of the rising sun failed. In pursuit of the samurai on his heels, we broke through in the port part of the town. Living in the country of the rising sun began to retreat. Fire back, clinging to the home, for fences, but depart. In the center breaks Viktor Leonov with the control group, the right — Nikandrova platoon warrant officer, and I left to go with his platoon. To the right of the storm Nikandrova company cover — tommy lieutenant Yarotsky …

Talking, Makar A. usually throws a piece of paper the plan of the bay, the harbor and the town, which lies in the middle of the hills, is flowing into the Sea of Japan Susonchhon River, which breaks his platoon, causing bridges, metal and highways. Carried away, as if obeying the rhythm of the attack, he says, all frisky …

— I was advancing with my guys on the left side of the river in Susonchhon. Ahead — the railway bridge and highway. Breaking out to the outskirts, we saw the rice fields, dams and irrigation canals. Return it to the side embankments, representing excellent shelter, shooting, dashes departed inhabitants of the country of the rising sun.

Within about 2-hours our unit took part urban neighborhoods. And I with my platoon made its way to the railway bridge at first, and then for road racing. At this time, tried to escape from the town of a column of vehicles. We managed to intercept the highway bridge and not let this column go. Machines we suspended by throwing grenades. Living in the country of the rising sun, shooting, jump out of the cab and the body. And here are my men went to blows …

Having decided that the battle is almost over, I went up to full height, so look around. Suddenly I hear someone on the side shoots. Because of the concrete gon at the bridge. I gave the order to throw a grenade and ran for cover … There turned out to lay a few Japanese, and one of them, Lieutenant, shot me with a rifle at point blank range with a 2 meter-uh. I dissected the bullet end his eyebrows and head. Another would be a centimeter … and an end. The pure coincidence. Fortuna. Come on, essentially, in the last battle of the war, shot at close range — and nothing else!

We captured several prisoners. Here they were interrogated. By the way, is with us now was the chief of naval intelligence, Colonel A. 3. Denisin. It was found that t
he garrison, numbering about four thousand people, is not going away, preparing for battle. But so frisky planting residents of the rising sun did not expect them stunned brash day landing. They expected that we will come about through the day. Recovering himself, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun made a strong counter-attack against our party and against the company Yarotsky. Although there were only 100 hundred eighty people from the position we were not able to knock down.

Our detachment and even suffered virtually no losses. Scouts we had experienced. With the Northern Fleet came with Leonov. A young Pacific Fleet — the completion of our — we did not leave unattended even for a moment. Roles distributed as follows: one experienced scout from the North takes care of two newcomers. About yourself, means to keep and had to teach. A company of machine gunners were not fired from the guys. And therefore suffered huge losses.

I will give an example for you — says A. Makar. — Near the bridge, I see a soldier to us nailed. In the cap with a catchy edging. Living in the country of the rising sun was behind him, and led the commander of the impact fire. The bullet hit almost a star on his cap … Here are some little thing, hindsight. Wanted to show off in battle, and it was worth the life of a guy …

By 10 pm the counter-attack bogged down, and the night was relatively quiet.

The calculation of our command was roughly: spies planted and will hold about four hours before the arrival of the main landing. But there came a timely exit of ships. On hour, two longer being loaded, hit the fog …

We issued an order to detain the bridgehead at least until tomorrow morning, and maybe even up to 15 August. But this is our third shot. Sleepless nights, heat, humidity highest, many wounded, and of ammunition were melting. Instead of 4:00 we had to hold still almost two days.

To not take the assault force to fight again marinas.

Happy residents of the country of the rising sun began a new offensive. Heaping on us the fire of artillery, mortars and machine guns, they crossed the river to the rear. Tried all the amphibious group here here, near the bridge, take in the surroundings and kill. We figured out their plan and not have allowed myself to pin down to the ground. Broke into the city's urban areas and with the battle took to the northern suburbs. Around the afternoon on August 14 we made our way to the height Phohondon. Contacted by radio with the base. It turned out that the NIGHT MODE to support us was planted machine-gun company, and that at 5 am on the other side of the peninsula Komalsandan landed a Marine battalion. Began to find a couple of hours and found a platoon of machine-gun company. Others were killed in a night battle.

Apart from the machine-gun platoon, we were broke several mortar. Leonov, commander, decided to go after the non-long stay at the frontiers of the morning, the river and the bridge. And we really made our way back to the evening. Living in the country of the rising sun and hiked up the artillery, mortars and languid, and machine guns in cars. We were surrounded, but we will fight again, a familiar part of the port already have passed the evening of the 14th to the military port berths. It was necessary to keep up in the morning. Living in the country of the rising sun and hiked up a large force stormed continuously all night.

And so, when we already ran out of ammunition, left by the last (sebe!) garnet, at dawn, at four o'clock in the bay included two Russian ships — a frigate and a minesweeper. They supported us with artillery fire. Living in the country of the rising sun, litsezrev ships, firing, retreated into the hills. And two hours later began landing on withholding our big landing jetties. Part of the 13th Marine Brigade Major General VP Trushina. And in days of August 16 the entire line of defense Chongjin — Nanam was occupied by Russian troops.

…Returning to Vladivostok, we barely sleep. And after a day or three again took to the boats in Wonsan. This is almost the 38th parallel. Follow us on the 2-escort ships, 2-huge minesweepers and six torpedo boats, the destroyer "Voikov" was released landing composed of more than 1,800 people. Our task was the same as before — to come in Wonsan before the main landing for a few hours and reconnoiter the situation. But because the Japanese government has already said on the radio about the surrender, we were ordered on the outskirts of Wonsan not to join in the fight.

Landings of the first rollWe have come to the port at about 8 am. Warships on the way to the bay there. But on the peninsulas Hodo and Kalma and the islands of Iodine and Shindo in the neck of the Strait visible vents massive guns aimed at us … Observing the utmost care, we have passed the zone of fire and put on the port berths. Living in the country of the rising sun did not shoot. Enter into negotiations. Declare the commandant of the town, we came to seek surrender. The commandant says that we should meet with the commander of the fortress, Colonel Todo. Come on. At the fortress — the soldiers with machine guns, ready to shoot like. And we're going with the gun. God only knows what will! We pass by as if oblivious of, and demand that the senior officer. It turns out Colonel Todo. He carried a chair. Col. little nods to us instead of greeting and sat down, "Slusayu, Ivan."

We demand to sign the act of surrender of the garrison captured. "Well, — says Todo — will be answered by a certain time." We returned to the port, Command told about the results of our outings. And in the second half of the day or at the port of ships approached. Moored. But the troops remained in the ships.

Negotiations were three days before the people of the country of the Rising Sun agreed to surrender. Rear Admiral Hori, who commanded the base (8 thousand people garrison), said that he was not authorized to sign the instrument of surrender that have connections with the command that the application of the ruler is only a political statement. In short, he is playing for time, hoping to fight to escape to the south or to bargain for a comfortable environment. Officers' Code, as you can see, it does not allow to be taken prisoner, he had to do hara-kiri. And if only to give an order, then he certainly can not give up hara-kiri.

Particularly alarming was the night of 21 to August 22. In the evening our troops landed, and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun is also pulled into port. And on the street on one side of the sidewalk are residents of the country of the rising sun with a gun, on the other — our troops with weapons. That's all night and staid. At the moment, imagine someone fell asleep and the case pressed the trigger … Shoot, and later sort out who started it. The war's over actually. Night well and all these last days have passed here in this nervous state. Two troops on the streets are only roadway separates them … Fortunately, due to our aging and assertiveness operation completed disarmament and the capture of the garrison. Yes, we disarmed the garrison Air Force Base — 1200. After completing the order, we captured a Japanese antisubmarine schooner, manned by a crew under its own power and returned to base. And that's our combat operations ended.

Victory over Japan, we have already noted in Vladivostok.

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