Marines gave the green light

Marines gave the green lightA meeting of the Union of paratroopers of Russia demanding the resignation of Serdyukov allowed — 7 November at 12.00 at Poklonnaya Hill …

Union filed Marines RF application for permission in the first half of November rally at Poklonnaya Hill was quite satisfied. "Meeting will be held on Poklonnaya Hill November 7 at 12.00 ", — said the" Russian Line "head of the Union Paratroopers of the Russian Federation, former commander of the Navy of the USSR Colonel General Vladislav Achalov.

Application of the campaign Alliance Paratroopers of the Russian Federation submitted to the mayor of Moscow in Mon 25 October. The text said about the number of Marines in the 10 thousand people and at least some comfort to the date of the authorities — in the first half of November.

As it became clear the other day rally on November 6, Moscow will host the Congress of the Union paratroopers of, in which you need to consider, among other problems and issues to be raised in connection with the incident in Ryazan school.

"We wish to express the idea aloud, so that people have heard — said after filing General Wladyslaw ACHALOV. — We want the 1st, so that not only the Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, but already Pankow (State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense), and Makarov (Chief of General Staff) resigned. Enough to carry out experiments on human beings. "

He also explained that, in conjunction with veteran troopers on meeting expressed a desire to come to many public organizations, including the Cossack. With all this exact number of those who are going to support Alliance Paratroopers of the Russian Federation at the rally for the resignation of Anatoly Serdyukov, Vladislav ACHALOV call did not, explaining that does not ask the favorites of these organizations, how many people they bring with them.

The last commander of the Navy of the USSR stressed that the rally is not limited. Currently Airborne veterans are collecting signatures for an appeal to the President RF with a request to deal with the situation and send the Minister of Defense Serdyukov's resignation.

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