Phenomenon in the woods ARTEMOVSK finally interested in media


A surprising phenomenon can be observed in the forest 50 kilometers from Artyom. In the circle diameter of several meters of earth and clay melts. Having discovered this hot spot, the local gamekeeper paid for his curiosity with his boots. Melted sole.

Mysterious place to learn the local ufologists and decided that here fell unidentified flying object. Trees torn up by the roots, as after the explosion. And in the land were three pretty big hole. But this version, like many, is much more plausible — just a guess.

A similar anomaly could be caused by an underground fire, but foresters say — there is nothing to burn. Neither the marshes or peat, or even slate in this land there. A few meters in depth — clay. The expert, who visited the place, I'm sure — fire occurred as a result of falling debris may have spent rocket stages carrier.

In the nearly half-meter layer of ash that was formed and continues to build here, you can bake several kilograms of potatoes. However, experts do not recommend it as long as there is no defined the nature of this phenomenon. And it will happen no earlier than before the hot spot will get workers environmental prosecutors.



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