10 thousand Navalny and millions Sobchak

Ten of thousands and millions of Navalny SobchakMaterial not included in Sunday's "The Week"

The search at the leading opposition figures of — Alexei Navalny, Ilya Yashin, Sergei Udaltsov, Ksenia Sobchak (now decided to put her name next to the names of the favorites of the Opposition) — became the main topic of last week, both in Russian and in almost all zabugornyh media. The search was related to the "swamp" of business on May 6, in which the leaders of the opposition-held eyewitnesses.

Boris Nemtsov, incidentally, also searched and interrogated, but about him in the media write less. Xenia Sobchak much more popular.

In her apartment seekers find safe, and safe is — more than a million euros, 480 thousand dollars and 480 thousand rubles. All this stuff, overwork acquired, seized.

Navalny was much poorer Sobchak: he has seized, not counting children's camera with iPads and iPhone, 10 thousand rubles.

No, hardly known blogger dies of hunger and begging on the porch of capital and markets, but with the cash he was sparsely.

But you think about it: in Bulk — only 10 thousand, while Sobchak — Millions. And who the sponsors, donors and sponsors once again, the names of which are published from time to time on the Web? That's right, I Navalny. Sponsors him, and funds — in Sobchak? Feel where your idea turns? ..

Alexei Navalny — the opposition with the experience, and Xenia — eminent TV presenter, whose (present), if not all, almost everything is possible, since her father was Sobchak. One fighter for democracy comes from Peter. Because relaxed and television celebrity. All she can.

You can store millions of the apartment, nothing and no fear and leisure facilities by expanding the envelope. Euro — here, the Bucks — there …

You can open the door to the apartment of early morning call. You can open the "Nude", thinking that the door is hard-working housekeeper. (This it surely was meant one envelope from the safe. Salaries).

You can even "eye" not to look.

Everyone would be so relaxed living. We, the Russian people believe in a happy future, and here at Xenia Sobchak was real happy.

It was, yes passed.

Xenia nothing mixed up with the opposition. Now a consequence it will not rest until he finds out the origin of every dollar, every euro and every ruble. This is — cash. And later, if you have any suspicions, the investigation is interested and bank accounts.

Perhaps hitromudraya opposition staknulas with Ksenia, throwing her into a bed sovereign Yashin, in order to have somewhere to store tools and harmless saved himself Yashin.

But here is a failure: Ksenia — passionate nature, and opposition rallies and protests, and at first the December elections later March, overcrowded violations, fraud, ballot box stuffing and bribery have done their job: which is popular TV presenter, who is able to chain their transmissions to zomboyaschika half the country was in the ranks of the demonstrators who master in the heat of battle means of generous sponsors.

All this hypothesis, naturally. Personal outlook. Because each is entitled to their worldview. I, for example. Either President Putin. Or investigators who hitherto inspect the authenticity of Ksyushinyh bills — as much as a lot of them cuts.

The authorities did not initially directed at the newest oppositionist attention, but then, when on May 6, came to the tumult, as a result of which the police had to give victims an apartment in Moscow, she got into a bit of eyewitnesses. And in Russia, as should know at least some hereditary fighter for democracy, from an eyewitness to the defendant — one small step. (In general, so sad is the case not only in Russia, with demonstrators in modern Russia turning often a lot softer than in developed democracies of Western Europe, the U.S. or Canada and Japan. Not so long ago we tightened the legislation on rallies — taking the example of the democratic West. What a performance of "swamp" the protesters should be considered, lawmakers put things into positive idea to bring Russian laws to the laws of the free world zabugornogo).

In short, a TV presenter came her apartment was searched and found in the safe of 121 envelope with the media. In fact in her apartment were in the main for Yashin and his belongings. Yashin himself said here that"The first day I caught a search in Xenia Sobchak: entered the apartment armed with riot police. Investigators presented the court order, I figure there as a suspect in the riots, apartment Susie be searched in connection with the finding of probable mine there. " But now is not so fundamentally, for whom come …

There was a time when I had to Khodorkovsky to explain how he got money, but now have to convince the citizen Sobchak consequence is that the part of the money she gave, and some were taken by her in debt. The journalist Julia Ioffe writes"The once-glamorous party girl, now Sobchak says that she is ruined and has to borrow from their own mothers. "Well at least not planted drugs — says she. — Certainly, I have to thank them for it to say. "

What drugs, Ms. glamorous party girl, are you? In Russia — full democracy. All on codes and warrants.

In vain does not correlated with fellow opposition Ksyushinym character. It is one thing — to cohabit with Yashin, the other — to move around the "revolutionary" areas. The opposition and not seen as a scandalous reputation presenter rollback in the past. Now Ksenia Sobchak — the star of the newest Russian Revolution, do as many would think, through the envelopes with the euro bucks and — to a lesser extent — in rubles. National currency, the opposition obviously not respected. Western view of the world is, opposition-that.

Fellow Zhirinovsky and reads"The fact that a lone lady at home is such a big amount, says that obviously criminal origin. Does not mean she stole. But maybe she was given to those acts which may be anti-state character. And taking into account her love for politics last year or two, then most likely, it means derived from a South American embassy of any structures of the West. Either from our bodies that wish to fight the government. "

"The structures of the West" in the face of the U.S. State Department has expressed its dissatisfaction searches and arrests of fighters for democracy in Russia. Victoria Nuland already ready to lift "A number of serious questions about the personal use of enforcement for the advent of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly."

Ksenia Sobchak — outstanding (yes, dare I say it), the TV presenter, who became famous all over the country. Our homeland — this is for you not to any Qatar, it is not small. A Xenia in each village know. Well, think of it, the glory of scandal: who has it today is not scandalous? .. And this is the glory, especially television, — the then policy. Who would listen (look) unknown (untraceable)?

But notoriety citizen Sobchak — the second serious mistake of the opposition.

If Navalny — fire fighter ag
ainst corruption, a man with a frowning face open, which is not less often than once every hunt to believe, then who is she Ksenia Sobchak — with a set of indecent nicknames, publicized on the web of? If the Bulk and in fact may embarrass anyone, speaking passionately about the "party of crooks and thieves", who will follow Xenia? TV viewers channel "TNT"?

While it may be specifically Russian opposition to this and hoped … A worthy man, went down in history, read about the "no number and skill", and today's protesters have used the latest Chinese formula decided in advance ability to put a number. Yes, and here they did not. Well, then: in fact they are not Chinese. Had started the "March of Millions" — the means to the State Department, at the expense of a Russian sponsors, whether gratis — reincarnated as a grim and hopeless "Walking is thousand."

A person antikorruptsionera Alexei Navalny blurred face Ksenia Sobchak.

You would be living for themselves, Ksenia A., and further in clover — you do not play the game in opposition. It would have opened the door to the cleaner without the risk of running into another beautiful day in healthy riot police with machine guns. A now You will train and cherish freedom and independence.

The authorities in Russia are not fool. Stupidly thinking about power as if it impassable dumb and does not know how to do it. She not only knows how to do it, and enters. If the authority — your opponent, you do not need to underestimate the enemy.

Now, when people decide to talk about the Russian opposition, they immediately come to mind Ksenia Sobchak. And then will come to mind and millions from the safe.

And it can not be seriously read neither the protests nor the democratic movement, nor the dictator Putin and his tyrannical team. You can not. Like it or not, and the opposition from now on will smell bad. Well, not the opposition, but purely a TV show: the scandalous glory, morning "Nude" and millions in envelopes …

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