Clouds can think?


Clouds above the ground — the souls of the people who lived on the planet, or the bodies of creatures from parallel worlds, say the mystics. People from ancient times believed that the appearance, structure and movement of the clouds so natural that they should be described as living organisms that live on the special laws.

What are they

Information that ordinary-looking terrestrial clouds begin to behave unexpectedly, researchers have accumulated enough. Records of these cases are published in the most prestigious scientific journals, only the explanation for this mysterious phenomenon is not yet possible to give.

Recently, scientists have finally decided to get serious study of clouds. In their view, it is time to rethink the modern classification of clouds, which is about 200 years old. This system still use meteorologists and despite the fact that the changed long observation methods. Back in 1803 Luke Howard proposed a separate clouds into groups according to the appearance, which he correlated with their height. Howard has identified three main categories of clouds — cirrus, stratus and cumulus, each of them several subgroups (Cirrocumulus cumulonimbus, etc.).

The position and condition of the density of particles in the cloud and the weather is determined on the one hand, part of the cloud filtered sunlight, on the other — are formed by precipitation. It is known, however, that the most complete information about the weather satellite images provide. In this case, the clouds from space look different than from the ground. Additionally, satellite photos taken in different spectral bands, let you know what caused the small brightness fluctuations of clouds — a higher density or mixed debris. In the latter case, the behavior cloud may be quite different than objects of the same group Govardovskii.

It is for this reason that the American meteorologist Stephen Ackerman has proposed a new classification of clouds. However, with new ideas among scientists, which could explain the behavior of clouds, until tight.

Meanwhile, the U.S. National Aerospace Agency (NASA) was engaged in a special project dedicated to the study of high-altitude clouds forming on the border of the Earth's atmosphere from outer space. With the help of satellites, American scientists are trying to prove the relationship between the change in the structure of the clouds, the nature of their education, and human activity, particularly affecting the behavior of clouds.

Along the way, the study of terrestrial clouds, NASA initiated a study of clouds on Mars. Martian clouds — both day and night side of the planet — very reminiscent of the cloud layer of the Earth. The only difference is that they are slightly thicker and can be detected at various altitudes. Scientists hope that by observing the behavior of Martian clouds, they can penetrate deeper into the secrets of the Red Planet. Thus, science has come to recognize that by studying clouds, it can discover the most hidden secrets of any planet.

Live communication with people

Here is what the mysterious, almost mystical behavior of clouds Russian researcher Sergey Alekseyenko. One day, while flying in 1975 over the western part of the White Sea (it is called Kandalaksha lip), he was amazed to see how the clouds were moving from north to south, lined up, as they said, the square-cluster method (ie, each corner of the square has a small cumulus cloud) and clearly keeping a distance between themselves.

"Going to the northern shore of the lips, the clouds were rebuilt in the cloud belt as you were taking each other" hand, "and the band was moving over the water surface of the lips — says Alekseyenko. — Going south shore, this cloud band suddenly torn, and from it formed the same cumulus clouds, lining up the corners of the square as the ones that came up to the lip of the north! And then this cloud layer continued to move south. Sketching this phenomenal phenomenon, I kept saying to myself, "Here's your water vapor, whose only team he performs? '"

At first glance, it seems unlikely that the cloud could behave in such a reasonable manner. But Alekseyenko leads and another similar case: "In 1980, our helicopter made an emergency landing late at night on one of the Pamir mountain ledges. Cornice — is a platform 100 meters by 300, on the one hand — the abyss deeper than 1.5 km from three sides — the mountains. During the landing the helicopter poured some smelly nail polish, so we decided to sleep on the ground, covered with a tarpaulin. When it got dark, I could clearly see how long luminous cloud emerged from the canyon to our eaves and curled up in a ball 100 yards from us. (…) I rolled over face-to-cloud, and when he fell asleep, all of a sudden I thought of it reaches us, "hand", I pulled out a flashlight and shone the earth: in fact, from there to us stretched a whitish gut-hand . Here she is almost there, and I was stung by her light! Slowly, as if reluctantly, cloudy gut-hand started to go to the cloud. "Well, it — I said to myself — need to sleep!" And, covered with tarpaulins, dozed .

In the Pamir Mountains at an altitude of 3 km in the early spring freezes at night. I began to feel the freeze, but then somehow it got warm, and I fell asleep. With the first summer lightning, we woke up and realized that the cloud is "occupied" the entire cornice — even a helicopter 10 meters away from us barely viewed!

When the first rays of the sun shone, the cloud shrunk to the size of their evening, then bounced a few times and the start rises continuously. The pilot waved and shouted, "Thank you, my friend, for being warmed us up at night!" Cloud suddenly unfolded into a long glowing in the sun boat and quickly swam over a mountain pass.

An hour later we arrived in the city of Nurek. In parting, I asked the pilot, "Do you believe that the cloud warmed us up at night?" He said, 'We all live in the Pamir: the people, the mountains, the clouds. All help each other. And then, a man of 96% water, and cloud — 99. Direct connection between us. '"

More evidence of rational behavior of clouds presented Mikhail Lazarev from Volgograd, "The first strange cloud phenomenon I've seen September 17, 1998 in the middle of the day. Several small slabokuchevyh clouds at a height of about 2 thousand meters formed a nearly closed ring with a diameter of 1.5-2 km. In this position, they are approximately two hours if watching ground. After a day at about the same place at the same height and at the same time, I saw cirrocumulus, taking the form of wedges, located radially tapered side toward the center of the circle which they formed. "

An interesting case involving the behavior of clouds, a researcher Alekseyenko once heard from his friend Nicholas Vasiliskova, who served in the early 1980s, meteorological radar operator Sts aviation hub in the Voronezh region. One morning saw the Basilisk in a cloudless sky appeared a few small cumulus clouds that behave very strangely. At a height of about 3 thousand meters, they formed almost closed ring with a diameter of 5-6 km and still frozen in that position, as if watching the ground.

After an hour at the airport started flying. One after another, with the roar of jet machines soared into the sky in the middle of the cloud ring. But the most surprising was the fact that the exhaust stream from the aircraft did not act on it — it's still hanging over the point of separation of aircraft at the end of the runway. When taking off the last fighter, was reconstructed in the range of cloud-based band, which quickly disappeared over the horizon. After a day at about the same place at the same height and at the same time, a mysterious "performance" in the sky repeated again.

But that is about the curious clouds Nikolai Marchenko, who worked at the space center in Baikonur, "What I have observed is contrary to common sense. It happened in the early 1990s, when the launch site was preparing to launch the next "Union." On the evening before the launch, when our party has stood out the window, we went to the desert. Lying on the canvas, sipping tea from a thermos. Mechanically I glanced at the rocket : against the background of the sky before sunset it seemed like a fantastic huge minaret. But then I noticed a bunch of white clouds on the horizon. They were like sheep huddled at the trough with water. But where did these "sheep" on a cloudless sky? However, the thought of it flashed and went away.

The morning of the launch of "Union" again, I instinctively looked at the western sector of the sky where the clouds seen yesterday. And do not believe his eyes. Sky is still cloudless, but the "sheep" were! I have long wondered about the clouds — spun in vanity. Four hours later still remembered the "lamb": they are "grazing" on the same site in the western sector. While formerly the unusual clouds kept together, now stretched rare chain. They turned 7, all the same elliptical shape. How could such rebuilding, if there was not a slightest breeze? And then I got a wild idea: really waiting for the clouds start the "Union" and what do you think? And so it proved, "lambs" really "on duty" at the horizon, while the missile is not rushed with a roar into space. I have not noticed in what point the cloud disappeared.

But shortly after the launch of the western sector of the sky was clear. Besides the strange "duty" of clouds remains a mystery to me how they could appear at all in the dry air over Baikonur, where the summer is not even a trace of water vapor? "

Hand of God

Many of the religious teachings of the ancient life of clouds associated with the gods, who travel on them, like on ships. Therefore the sages warned people from climbing on top of some cloud at night, so as not to disturb the gods and thereby bring misfortune upon themselves and their loved ones.

Thus, according to the Bible, God dwells in unapproachable light, but in order to communicate with the sinful people he surrounds himself cloud and mist, canceling the brightness of his glory (Deut. 5.22). For this reason, Jesus predicted that in the hour of his second coming he will come in the clouds in power and glory of God and fulfill all at lightning speed.

We mystics and other paranormal researchers look at the clouds. Some of them believe that the clouds — the souls of the dead or the unborn people who are watching from the height of the earthly life of mankind, giving him all possible assistance. Hence, even the very concept of the soul of old seems a little light in the form of a cloud.

It is also believed that every person who was born or died corresponds to a cloud. Find it and install it directly from the spiritual connection — the task of a lifetime for those who have just arrived in the earthly world. To facilitate the search for the man given the gift of seeing more than the physical world is special, subtle vision, and the ability to hear the mystic sounds. In the East, a vision is commonly referred to as the third eye or the eye of Brahma, which is revealed in a special chakra (it corresponds to the location of a person's head). Mystics European phenomenon fine view is sometimes credited with the special structure of the human skin, hence its name — skin vision.

With the help of specially developed sensitive vision and hearing can be found in tune with their own biorhythm vibration in the clouds. However, for this to remember the time of day, location, and characteristics of weather that accompanied his birth. Although the information on this, say the mystics, is available to everyone who has developed sverhchutkoe eyesight and hearing, enough time to visit a place of its own birth. Here a person, under certain conditions, can be seen in the sky colorful light reflections that are just and point him that particular color scheme, which must be present in the emissions of clouds, when viewed from the subtle vision. It remains only to live and wait until it was discovered cherished lonely cloud. Having met him, a person can be considered complete range of their earthly responsibilities. After that, can devote themselves to spiritual perfection, setting increasingly strong relationship with the residents of the subtle world and the souls of men.

Clean … especially the clouds, from the point of view of the small saturation energy, are those that are located north of the equator. The maximum amplitude of the most subtle energies are clouds, attracted by the northern lights (except the Far North, such a phenomenon is observed even above Lake Baikal). You can even safely say that these areas of the world are the original home of the clouds of Earth energy.

Another part of the mystic sees in the clouds some form of living matter that exists alongside our own and has its own consciousness. It is something meaningful and explains the behavior of clouds. In our earthly world fall from the clouds invisible to us parallel worlds. Thus, through the clouds liaison between the different worlds, which proves that we are not alone in the universe. So, as you know, maybe in the future people will be able to establish an information and contact with the same "reasonable" clouds?


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