Egypt continues to suck the revolutionary abyss

Egypt continues to suck the revolutionary abyssAs a long-sighted analysts warned, despite the overwhelming victory of the revolution in Egypt, the overthrow of President Mubarak and the tribunal over it, protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo and various unrest in Egypt last. People are disappointed in the fact that after the revolution all prepyadstviya as motion magic wand had not been addressed. They just do not realize that they can not be solved within the framework of one country and riots, protests, the situation has only worsened — the flow of tourists and tourist business stalled, stability broken.

Was used against the demonstrators force — suffered several 10-s people. The slogans of the newest wave of revolutionaries are typical for the permanent revolution: they require to accelerate the tribunal of Mubarak and expressed dissatisfaction with the military authorities — "Freedom Is Not Enough". Supporters of t. District. "Coalition of Revolutionary Youth" claimed the removal from office of all ministers and municipal officials close to the old regime. The head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, for the first time after his own rise to power appealed to the Egyptian people with speech. Tantawi promised Egyptians accelerate the implementation of reforms in the country and continue to lead Egypt by democratization. In addition, he said that the Egyptian authorities remain committed to all previously signed treaties with Egypt's foreign states.

The authorities of Egypt (SCAF) try to stop the latest wave of revolutionary methods of applying the "carrot and stick", so were limited to the possibility of military courts to civilian officials. On July 16, in their jurisdiction were the case only fighter, police and rapists. Previously, the courts have been one of the main reasons hindering the way of "p-revolutionary" in Egypt since February 11, 2011, these courts have sentenced more than 6 million people out of a civilian population.

It is clear, that the demands of the revolutionary youth, the interim government, which decides action to suspend the country before slipping into a catastrophe (in front of Egypt are very serious problems — the problem of water and the possibility of water wars of the Nile, overpopulation, food supply and the threat of starvation, lack of budget, the possibility of inter-religious massacre — the threat of the Coptic population, etc.), look like a provocation. Because Gen. Mahmoud Hijazi and curled the subsequent: "If it is confirmed that these people in Tahrir Square are not revolutionaries, and provocateurs who threaten the well-being of the country and impede the flow of life in the country, saying that they do not do so in the name of the revolution, and for In order to strike at the country's security. Supreme Military Council will not tolerate and will allow it. " SCAF has all the features, including extreme to suspend the revolutionary masses. However, the question — will go to the fighters on the mass executions of tribesmen?

"Coalition of Revolutionary Youth" — it is a well-organized movement that connects voedinyzhdy in their own ranks to 1.5 million people of Egypt. It is understood that more than 80 million Egypt — It is not that quite a few, but most importantly they are organized and have a common goal, when others who for stability and order, are passive.

The government continues to make concessions, since July 13 resignation was sent to the Deputy Prime Minister Yahya al-Gamal, and July 17 — lost his own post minister Industry and Trade, Samir al-Sayyad, then was fired even a group of ministers and senior officials, including one of the world's leading archaeologists, Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass. Although it is clear that this is only fueling "appetite" of the revolutionary masses. Their deeds are full support of global human rights organizations, so-called. The "world community." Although it is clear that in the East needs a powerful power — On the other chaos, sectarian and ethnic conflict, the opposition clans lead the country into war and civilian massacres. This scenario would be profitable only supporters of population decrease peoples Near East. In this scenario, increasing the role of a constructive forces — the Islamists, and at their arrival in power, increasing the possibility latest war with Israel.

Summarizing the result of the above, it must be said that the Middle East rolled to the scenario "high blood." It is not advantageous to the local population, but it is very beneficial to various external manipulators.

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