Environmental issue Curonian Spit

White dunes nature reserve "Curonian Spit" turned into a dump — they are inundated with old tires. In Soviet times, used tires reinforce the shoreline, and this year they issued to the land by storm. The company, which is responsible for the disposal of tires, does not remove the dump, citing a lack of funds.

Before the opening of beach season dunes Curonian Spit test employees environmental prosecutors. In the coastal zone of the spit, the beach where vacationers love to sunbathe, a large illegal dumps of old tires. National Park with its unique relic pine annually visited by thousands of tourists who come here regularly hundreds of Kaliningradians. Kind of used tires velvet white sands provoked an outcry from those who in those days was in the park.

Environmentalists and the management of the National Park for more than a month of negotiating with management Baltberegozaschity — enterprises, considered the owner of the tire. But all to no avail, environmentally hazardous waste continues to pollute avandyunu. Deputy Director of the National Park "Curonian Spit" Lyudmila Poplavskaya said: "washed into the soil a large number of carcinogens, chemicals. They contaminate the soil, plants, mosses and lichens."

Shore protection structures of tires came up in the 70's of the last century. In Soviet times, the services responsible for the improvement of the coastal zone, were forced to look for solutions that do not require high material costs, since the money for these works do not stand out. There is no agreement in environmental agencies are not required, so to protect the coast collected become unusable tires and they just dig in the sand. During the last part of the fortifications storm waves washed ashore.

In Baltberegozaschite claim that suddenly tires were so many that they just were not immediately disposed of. Enterprise Director Vyacheslav Shcherbina said: "In the analysis of structures, we just do not have documentation of 40 years ago that there. But after the storm laundered, it appears that there is a much larger volume of tires you want to dispose of."

Kaliningrad Environmental Prosecutor's Office has made an order — tires quickly removed. If they are not, the offender could face severe penalties. "From tires soil contaminated within four kilometers, is a waste of the fourth class of danger. They issued passport danger in this passport provides storage conditions", — told the agency.

While in Baltberegozaschite seeking funds for disposal of tires, park administration argue that it is time to examine all bank protection structures of Soviet times. In many places, they are sticking out of the sand and spoil the seascape. Environmentalists believe that the tires should be replaced immediately to stone, wood and other natural material. Director of the National Park "Curonian Spit" Anatoly Kalina sure: "Everything that happens on the Curonian Spit, should take place in strict compliance with environmental expertise, since no studies on the natural systems can be affected so that the irreversible process will begin."

Experts hope that the waste will be disposed of in the near future, and if this process is delayed, old tires, now melt in the sun, can cause massive allergic diseases at rest.

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