Hitlers Jewish soldiers

Jewish fighters Hitler: The Untold Story of Nazi racial laws and people of Jewish origin in the German army.

Bryan Mark Rigg's book (an Israeli citizen), which states on the basis of documentary evidence that 150 thousand Jewish fighter and officers waged war in the Nazi army.

The study was based on Rigga 400 interviews with veterans of the Wehrmacht, 500 hours videopokazany, 3 thousand photos and 30 thousand pages of memoirs of Hitler's soldiers and officers — those whose Jewish roots allow them tomorrow to immigrate to Israel.

Hitler's Jewish SoldiersWerner Goldberg

The term "mishlinge" in the Reich called people born of mixed marriages with non-Aryans Aryans. Racial laws in 1935 distinguished between "mishlinge" first degree (one of the parents — a Jew) and second degree (grandmother or grandfather — the Jews). Notwithstanding the legal "tainted" people with Jewish genes, and despite the high-sounding propaganda, 10s of thousands "mishlinge" quietly lived under the Nazis. They were called to the ordinary procedure Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, becoming not only the soldiers, and the part of the generals at the level of the commanders of the regiments, divisions and armies.

Hundreds of "mishlinge" were awarded for bravery steel cross. 20 fighter and officers of Jewish origin have been awarded the highest military merit the Third Reich — the Knight's Cross. In general, many veterans of the Wehrmacht complained that the authorities reluctantly submitting to orders and drawn with the advancement in rank, thinking about their Jewish forefathers.

For a long time the Nazi press put a picture blue-eyed blonde in a helmet. Under the photograph read: "Immaculate German fighter. "This was the Aryan standard Wehrmacht soldier Werner Goldberg (and dad-Jewish).

Wehrmacht Major Robert Borchardt received the Knight's Cross for a tank breakthrough Russian Front in August 1941, then it was oriented in Rommel's Afrika Korps. El Alamein was captured by the British. In 1944, he was allowed to come to the UK for a reunion with his father, a Jew. In 1946, Borchardt returned to Germany, saying his own Jewish father: "Somebody's got to build our country." In 1983, shortly before his death, he spoke German students: "Many Jews and half-Jew who fought for Germany in the Second World War, believed that they should honestly defend their own fatherland, serving in the army."

Colonel Walter Hollander, whose mother was Jewish, received a personal letter to Hitler, the Fuehrer which certified Aryan this halakhic Jew (Halacha — Jewish customary law, in accordance with which the Jew is born of a Jewish mother. — KK). Such a certificate of "German blood" were signed by Hitler for the 10-s high-ranking officers of Jewish origin.

During the war, Hollander was awarded the steel cross two degrees and a rare distinction — Gold German Cross. In 1943, he received the Knight's Cross, when his anti-gang in a battle killed 21 Russian tank on the Kursk Bulge.

When he was given leave, he went to the Reich through Warsaw. Specifically, there he was shocked by the views of exterminating the Jewish ghetto. Hollander returned to the front broken. Personnel officers have entered into a private matter "very independent and lightly managed," cut him to increase the rank of general.

Who were the "mishlinge" Wehrmacht: victims of anti-Semitic persecution or accomplices of the executioners?

Life is often put them in absurd situations. One man with an iron cross on his chest came from the front to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, that? visit there own Jewish father. Officer SS was shocked by this guest: "If it were not for the credit on your uniform, you would have found me quickly where your father."

And here's the story 76-year-old inhabitant of the Federal Republic of Germany, one hundred percent Jewish. In 1940, he escaped from Nazi-occupied France on forged documents. Under the new German naming it called a "Waffen SS" — the choicest part of the battle. "If I had served in the German army, and my mother died in Auschwitz, who am I — a victim or one of the pursuers? — Often asks himself. — The Germans felt guilty for what he did not want to hear about us. Jewish community also turns away from like me. After all, our stories contradict everything that used to take the Holocaust. "

In 1940, all the officers who had 2-Jewish grandfathers or grandmothers, were ordered to leave the military. Those who have been tainted by Jewishness only from the 1st of grandparents, could remain in the army in the rank and file positions.

But the reality was different: these orders were not made. Without result because of their repeated once a year. Frequent were cases when the German soldiers, driven by the laws of a "frontline brotherhood" hide "their own Jews," without giving them the party and punitive organs.

Understandably 1200 examples of service "mishlinge" in the Wehrmacht — soldiers and officers from the coming Jewish forefathers. In thousand of these soldiers were killed 2,300 Jewish relatives — nephews, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers and fathers.

In January 1944, the Wehrmacht's personnel department has prepared a list of 77 hidden high-ranking officers and generals, "mixed with the Jewish race or married to a Jew." All 77 had personal identity of Hitler's "German blood". Listed in the middle of the list — 23 Colonel, five major generals, eight lieutenant-generals and two full-General.

This list could be supplemented by one of the figures of the Nazi regime naizloveschih — Reinhard Heydrich, head of the pet and the Fuhrer of the RSHA, who controlled the Gestapo and criminal police, intelligence and counter-intelligence. All my life (thankfully short-lived), he struggled with the rumors of Jewish origin.

Heydrich was born in 1904 in Leipzig, in the family of director of the conservatory. Home story says that his grandmother was married to a Jewish father soon after the birth of the future chief of the RSHA. As a child, older boys thrashed Reinhard, calling him a Jew.

Hitler's Jewish SoldiersSpecifically Heydrich held in January 1942 Wannsee conference to discuss the "final solution of the Jewish question." His report stated that the grandchildren of Jews and Germans are regarded as not subject to repression. They say that at one point, he returned home to pieces NIGHT MODE intoxicated, he turned on the light, saw his own image in the mirror and twice fired a pistol at him and said, "Disgusting Jew!"

A traditional example of "Shelter Jew" in the elite of the Third Reich can be considered as Field Marshal Erhard Milch aviation. His father was Jew-pharmacist.

Because of Jewish origin was not accepted in the Kaiser's military schools, but the outbreak of the first global war gave him access to the aircraft. Milch was in a division known Rihtgoffena, met with the young Goering and distinguished himself at the headquarters, although he did not fly in airplanes. In 1929, he became
CEO of "Lufthansa" — the state carrier. Wind is blowing in the direction of the Nazis, and Milch provided free of aircraft to favorites NSDAP.

This service is not forgotten. Once in power, the Nazis claimed that the mother did not carry Milch sex life with her husband, a Jew, and the real father of Erhard — Baron von Beer. Goering long laughed about it: "Yes, we did Milch bastard, bastard but aristocratic." Another aphorism Goering about Milch: "The in-house staff I myself will decide who I Jew, and who is not! "

After the war, Milch spent nine years in the slammer. Then up to the age of 80 worked as a consultant concerns "Fiat" and "Thyssen."

The vast majority of veterans of the Wehrmacht they say that going into the army, they did not consider themselves Jews. These men tried to refute his own courage Nazi racial chatter. The Nazi soldiers on the front triple zeal justify that Jewish forefathers did not prevent them from being quite good German patriots and steadfast warriors.

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