In Almetyevsk district of RT completed the construction of sewage treatment facilities in the Russian Aktash

In Almetyevsk district of the republic ended in one of the long-awaited and long-term projects — the construction of sewage treatment plants in the Russian Aktash.

The existing wastewater treatment plant, construction of which began in the 80s and lasted more than 15 years, morally and physically obsolete. Wastewater treatment did not meet the regulatory requirements.

2 years ago, the municipality decided to build a new sewage treatment capacity of 600 cubic meters per day, in two lines, each line capacity of 300 cubic meters per day. The total estimated cost of the project amounted to about 45 million. Funding was provided by the local budget and extra-budgetary funds of the Department of Ecology and Nature Almetyevsky district.

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