In Budapest, the first stage of LADA Granta Cup


May 5-6 race series AvtoVAZ LADA Granta Cup opened the season at the famous track Hungaroring in Hungary.

The competition, which was held as a support race for the World Championship Touring WTCC, was attended by 13 crew, including three Hungarian:

1. Alexander Kobenko — Paul Kalmanovich (LADA)

2. Michael Maleev (Avtocom-AFSO)

3. Alexei Shepherd — (LADA)

4. Vladimir Sheshenin — Alex Degtyarev (LADA)

5. Sergei Shalunov — Viktor Antonov (APLOYD Racing)

6. Yuri Makushin — Sergey Ryabov (Avtocom-AFSO)

7. Rustam Akiniyazov — Boris Shulmeyster (aeroexpress)

8. Albert Ilyazov (Almaks-Major)

9. Dmitry Bragin — Maxim Simonov (Sizran-Plastic)

10. Sasha Karasevich — Maxim Nagaytsev (NAMI)

11. Major Benedek (Benedek Major) — Kiss Norbert (Norbert Kiss)

12. Bus Edina (Edina Bus) — Fitsza Franz (Ferenc Ficza)

13. Nitray Bell (Nyitrai Bella)

According to the results of qualification holders pole position became Hungarian pilots Major Benedek and Norbert Kiss.

Sunday's race, however, was more successful for another Hungarian crew, which was part of the fair sex Edina Booth. Together with his partner Ferenc Fitsza they won Cup debut LADA Granta-2012. The second step of the podium took the young pilot Michael Maleev, and "bronze" won Rustam Akiniyazov and Boris Shulmeyster. Best lap time of 2:03:337 showed the crew and Paul Alexander Kobenko Kalmanovich.

Second Cup will be held May 26-27 in Togliatti, in the framework of "Motor City".


And on May 7 James Thompson made his debut on the LADA Granta on stage WTCC race in Hungary.

Himself a pilot, as well as team leader Viktor Shapovalov LADA Sport reported their results qualifications rather positive.

— Since the project was carried out in a very tight time schedule, we hardly have time for a full test program — Viktor Shapovalov. — Therefore, the time shown by James in free practice and qualifying, gives us confidence in the potential of the car. We pass the test in real races, and tomorrow's race will be an indicator of where we are relative to competitors, and any modifications required machine.

In connection with the penalization of the two pilots — Alberto cherkva and Tom Coronel, showing 13th and 19th, respectively, while Thompson will start tomorrow's race from 15th position.

Return of LADA in the WTCC has caused a great resonance among the world's press and among fans and the pilots themselves championship. James Thompson, a two-time champion of the British Touring Championship, multiple winner WTCC races is considered a strong contender, the pilot, which features not only the speed of piloting, but also serious technical "baggage" and experience through which a race car can be brought to a good competitive level.

 — I'm happy to be back behind the wheel of LADA, — said James in an interview Eurosport. — New car LADA Granta Sport — the result of our findings and lessons learned back in 2009 when we were on the LADA Priora. Like a new car, I am optimistic about the upcoming race in Budapest and Portimao. But we still have a lot to do.

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