In the Volgograd region has opened a new garment manufacturing

In the city of Volgograd Oblast Kamyshin the grand opening of a new garment factory. The company is equipped with modern equipment. In the factory already employs 120 people.

Later — with the development of production — staff of the company will be more than 400 people. Note that the factory has been operating under the name "Gloria Jeans", and this is the second production in the region, which operates under this brand. The first was opened in February of this year Surovikinskom metro area.

The company plans to sell in the area are a number of investment projects to create a complete garment production cycle. In the municipalities expected to open around 7-10 factories. The implementation of the plans of the investor will give impetus to the development of a regional market of light industry, and most importantly to create between 3,500 and 5,000 new jobs in rural areas. As a promising investment areas are considered Dubovsky, Elanskii, Zhirnovsky, Kalachevsky, Kotovskij, Novoanninskii, Svetloyarsky, Frolovskiy, Chernyshkovskii, Kotelnikovsky metro areas, as well as Mikhailovka and Urjupinsk.

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