The dose of courage for universal soldier

After a superb military victory in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. Germany broke out in a quixotic epidemic: many returning from the war fighters and officers were sick … morphinism! The investigation showed that injections of morphine during the war were to "help carry the burden hike." The soldiers and officers just could not stand the pace of military operations, high-speed marches in full ammunition. At night parking lot to get some sleep, to throw off stress and fatigue, they were pricked herself for morphine, which was considered at the time of the newfangled cure for all diseases. This is great, "refreshing", but when the need for injections disappeared, they were able to turn away from, not many.

The dose of courage for "universal soldier"

In the past, the army recruits' zabrivali "selectively, but forever. At various times in various countries lifetimes fighter ranged from 10 to 25 years. Braley, usually young and strong rural youths, terrible past sieve of natural selection: the peasant families a lot of the kids were born, but survived far not all, but the survivors were "healthy by nature." Once the military service after a hard peasant labor and abundant food is not far away, receiving once daily portion of meat so often engaged in physical exercises that develop strength, endurance and agility in the hands of experienced instructors and recruits often violent year for three or four warriors became real prof , common to march.

With the introduction of compulsory military service lifetimes decreased significantly, and take all the steel in a row. Much of-life care for the reincarnation of a rookie soldier, and it is being accomplished just as it was time to retire in store. Almost armies were composed of recruits, many times worse than the former fighter prepared for the hardships of life. A load is constantly growing, and the experience of the Franco-Prussian War showed that no additional "strengthener forces" fighters can not simply endure unnecessary congestion during marches blitzkrieg.

In Germany, to increase stamina fighter changed the system of power in the campaign. The fruit of the creative efforts of the army was the product of dieticians, received the title of "pea sausage", made of pea flour, with the addition of fat and meat juices. This high-calorie, but the food is not languid enhance the strength and burdened fighter: they felt full, but the forces did not increase. Worse addition, many stomachs could not tolerate these foods, and the men began to "suffer stomach", which does not add speed and vigor columns on the march. The problem remained unsolved.

Were trying to "encourage" their own fighter and the French generals. Following the methods of warfare indigenous armies in Africa, French officers drew attention to the remarkable endurance of Aboriginal and opened a lot of unusual. War took place in the main to capture slaves to realize their Arab negociant. The military expeditions native rulers hike leaves at light and climb into the very depths of the jungle. Swag — captured or purchased from forest chiefs of slaves — drove many hundreds of kilometers into the possession of the king who sent them. With all this neither black slave owners, none of captured slaves were no convoys of supplies. In the tropical forest is simply not pull a such supplies. None of what hunting and there could be no caravans were hastily from source to source, never lingering fear of attack changed his mind or the leader of the rebellion. The slaves and the guard sometimes waved off by 80 miles a day in the most difficult criteria of the rainforest!

Delivered the "goods" sold to merchants, Arabs, and they took away their caravans even further: in Zanzibar and other entry points "overseas slave trade" were located on the ocean coast. At all steps of the way the slave captives showed remarkable endurance, passing almost the entire continent on foot rather short period of time. But overbought Portuguese, as if they "broke" — from the constitution is not a trace remained, and, unable to bear the hardships, they died in the sets.

French officers believed that the secret of the African constitution lies in the diet: the basis of the diet in the convoy and slaves served the freshest fruit cola nuts. According to the Africans, they were filming hunger, aroused in man power and capabilities and protect against many diseases. These nuts are valued more than gold, in fact, being its counterpart in the calculations between the tribes and in domestic trade. In almost all African countries Cola was an emblem of the world, especially the sacred sign, podnosimym the parties at the beginning of the negotiations.

The dose of courage for "universal soldier"

Cola acuminata: 1 — blossoming branch, 2 — fruit.

In Europe, the long debate about raschudesno properties cola nut considered colonial parables. Features miracle nut was taught only after a report of Lieutenant Colonel superiors French army. Eating while climbing the mountain Kang's only just pounded into powder nutlet Coke, he ascended without annoying for 12 hours without feeling sluggish.

Botanists call this plant Cola acuminata. This plant belongs to the family of stekulievyh. It is a wonderful evergreen tree growing to a height of 20 m, the outside resembles chestnut. It has a hanging branch, broad oblong leathery leaves, and its flowers are yellow, star-shaped fruit. The tree begins to bear fruit in the 10-year life and gives a year to 40 kg of nuts, very large, up to 5 cm long. As stated by the first researcher Dr. Germain Se cola, nuts were "a pound each."

Homeland C.acuminata — Preserving the West Africa — from Senegal to Congo. Especially favorable conditions for this tree in Dahomey, Benin on the ground today. The plant is easy to adapt to other conditions, brought forth in the Seychelles, Ceylon, India, Zanzibar, Australia, and the Netherlands Antilles.

Dr. Se, who studied the composition of the core nuts, and found that it contains 2.5% caffeine and rare combination of vitamins and other stimulating chemical substances. A group of scientists in the strictest secrecy, under military control, allocated extract substances from the pulp of cola. In 1884, they made the product "crackers with accelerator" was presented at the tribunal of the Paris Academy of honey. Tests of its effects on the human body have been conducted in the summer of 1885 in the Algerian desert.

Soldiers of the 23rd Battalion of Chasseurs, received before going to supply only as a "stake-crackers" and water, made from the fort. They walked at a speed of 5.5 km / h, changing the tempo for 10 hours in a row on a hellish July heat. After going 55 miles per day, none of the fighter did not feel exhausted, and after an overnight stop working they did march to the fort and without any difficulties.

The experience was repeated in France, now with the officers of the 123rd Infantry Regiment. Unit, equipped with the ordinary ins
tead of marching rations only kola nuts, light march passed from Laval to Renee, and everyone was so vigorous that they were willing to act immediately in the way of working.

It seemed agent found! But the question arises: how many people can live, eating in a similar way? According to the views of Se, nutlet Do not substitute human food stocks, and the only intoxicating affecting the nervous system, reduces the feeling of hunger and thirst, lethargy, forcing the body to use its own resources. Other scientists believed that the functions of the body are stimulated by the unique composition of natural parts, concentrated in the nucleus nuts.

Yet the "net product" in the diet of personnel of military units are not allowed, because the money was found raschudesno very severe side effects. The accelerator is not only fastens muscle eliminated from lethargy and shortness of breath, and acted as a powerful catalyst sexy. Appeared fear that during the war the troops are "under cola" can transform into armed gangs of rapists and looters. Because extract Cola decided to use as an amplifier of the diet only in special cases. The bitter taste of cola stunningly mixed with chocolate, and this "chocolate-Cola" has become a staple food of ground forces (with many crossings), sailors, and airmen and Marines later.

The main doping in all the armies of the world was vodka. Before the battle, the soldiers were issued special vodka ration to raise morale, but in the main it helped prevent the painful shock of injury. Vodka also relieves stress after a fight.

In time First World War, the main means for pain relief for injuries and stress were "hard drugs" — cocaine and heroin. Military-morphine became commonplace. In Russia was created funky "trench cocktail": a mixture of alcohol and cocaine. During this war, civilian clothes "radical mixture" is used on both sides of the front band — and white and reddish. After that did not sleep days, the attack came without fear, and with injury did not feel pain. This state was to assist soldiers in a terrible war. But that's come out of it some do not have time, others could not, and still others did not want.

The dose of courage for "universal soldier"

Sadly ended in an attempt to change the everyday products to some small-sized catalyst in the late 20's — early 30's. during the past century time armed conflict between Bolivia and Paraguay because of oil-bearing areas. After receiving a generous loan, Bolivians stocked with weapons and hired to command the Army of the former German officers led by General von seconds. The backbone of the officer corps of the army of Paraguay were about hundreds of Russian emigre officers and general staff headed by General of Artillery Belyaev.

Notwithstanding the significant an advantage of the Bolivian army in arms, Paraguayans managed to surround them with a large group in the tropical undergrowth, cutting it off from water sources and supplies. Bolivian command was trying to deliver food and water surrounded by air, dropping from airplanes and ice bags of coca bush leaves. Cud of coca leaves drove lethargy, after she did not feel like eating, getting in bulk and strength.

Soldiers of the Bolivians, bulk own mountain Indians, mokrovaty not stand the hot climate, many had malaria, and beloved coca they swooped down, thinking to solve all problems at once. At one point nazhevavshis Coca besieged saw that their drumbeat to full height, as if on parade, go Paraguayans. The besieged in their shot-shot, and they did not fall and kept coming and coming. This is a Russian captain who served during the war in plainclothes officer shelf division Kappel, raised its own battalion of "psychic attack."

A similar method of attack "kappelevtsy" used that on a psychological level dislocate the enemy. Chapayeva battered fighters and those not held such impact, and on the Bolivians under narcotic coca and read nothing! Throwing the defense, did not realizing and screaming that they're being chased by evil spirits, they ran in the tropical undergrowth … directly on the machine-gun Paraguayans.

Sad experience of implementation of stimulants does not put an end to this topic. Military doctors had hoped for a scientific approach to the case embody more valuable and effective design, in which amplified a beneficial effect, and negative consequences of weakening.

By the beginning of the second world war intensified research in this area were carried out in virtually all countries, preparing for military action. In the 3rd Reich developed catalysts for special units. Thus, the operator controls the torpedoes were given pills D-9, which were to "push the boundaries with lethargy, increase concentration, and critical capabilities, strengthen personal sense of muscular vigor, weaken urination and digestive activity." The pill contains within itself an equal dose of meth, cocaine and evkodala. But the expected effect did not work: the subjects observed a short-term euphoria with trembling hands, central nervous system depression, weakened reflexes and intellectual activity, increases sweating, and, according to spies, they experienced a kind of hangover.

The dose of courage for "universal soldier"

But the good results were recorded, when in the same squad was given a special chocolate with cola nut extract. The best is "podbadrivatelem" up to the reference, according to the views of the German doctors, was a strong measured sleep for more than 10 hours

Even better were the case, the Japanese. Apparently, the impact that the drugs in the East have long been part of everyday life and traditions. Systematic study of the effects of narcotic drugs on the human body have been started in the late XIX century. The fruit of many years of efforts was synthesized in 1930. in military medical laboratories in the country of the rising sun hiropon catalyst (in the European pronunciation of "Philoponus"), which was used in the military in the form of injections and pills.

At a certain dose of encouragement hiropon excellent fighter during the agonizing path of transition, shot a feeling of fear and uncertainty, exacerbated vision for what the Imperial Army dubbed it "cat eyes". At first, it was injected hourly, to intercede on the night shift, and later began to give the night shift workers defense companies. When malnutrition and deprivation of many years of war began to affect the workers, hiropon began to give workers and day shifts. So the effect of this drug tested on himself for almost the entire adult population of the country of the rising sun.

The dose of courage for "universal soldier"

After the war, control the spread of product by the authorities has been lost: the Japanese police and gendarmerie were virtually disbanded, and the Yankees and the first case was not before conducting its own leisure "natives." Numerous laboratory continued to create hiropon and Japan swept the unprecedented wave of drug abuse: more than 2 million Japanese people constantly used this product.

The occupation authorities panicked when their men began to adopt local habits. Confusing at first communicating with whom in a hungry, unemployed crowded post-war land of the rising sun was exorbitant amount, South American "GIs" taste hiropona learned that the local beauty ate all the polls. Worth a shot fantastically cheap — 10 yen, or approximately 6 cents! However, despite the apparent cheapness of a single dose dispensed, this habit is quite cheap: soon becomes dependent on the product, and the demand for it has grown rapidly to a 10-s injections per day. (!) In order to get funds for the injections, drug addicts go to any wrongdoing. Addict, "hiroponschik" became aggressive and unsafe for others — this pushed his product features, initially designed for "reassurance" fighter.

In 1951, the Japanese government forbade the creation hiropona, but it lasted in clandestine laboratories. Starting with hiropona, gangsters tried to make a network of production and heroin trade. In preparing the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 all police forces and special services have been thrown on the fight against drugs. Tycoons drug were in the slammer, and all laboratories that produced drugs on the islands were destroyed. And to this day, the laws against drug trafficking in the Land of the Rising Sun the most stringent: at least some stranger, seen even in single use dope will never get permission to check into the country.

Today's developments in the field of neurostimulators secret, but they are certainly under way. Their side effects are "doping scandals", often shaking the world of sports prof. "Sport tremendous achievements" has long since become a testing ground for tests of means and methods developed for the training of special forces and personnel of all the armies in the world. Puzzles are the same: decrease sensitivity to pain, oppression of terror, strengthening of physical strength and stabilization of the psychological reactions to external stimuli. Catalysts make disabled young husky, not withstanding overloading: damaged joints, torn ligaments, muscles, can not withstand the kidney, liver and heart. Very often in sports veterans, like soldiers and officers, past the modern war, gives the mind.

If we approach the issue of increasing the efficiency of the army thoroughly, then, as surprising as it may sound, there is a perspective more clearly … return to the old system of its acquisition, to revive the class of Prof. warriors. After a knighthood in Europe, the Kshatriya caste in India, samurai in the land of the rising sun — it is, in fact, own, intuitive generation of breeding. Modern genetics has substantiated the existence of a gene over-aggression, which comes in a set of genes "perfect soldier." The carriers of this gene is an indispensable in emergency situations: during the war, disasters, chord work. There they are relevant, useful and happy to understand that he had discovered themselves in this life. They are burdened by routine of life, constantly seek out adventure. Terminations out of their stunt, extreme sports athletes and … offenders. On the conflict of interest of a peaceful society with the needs of "artificial self-satisfaction" sheltered psyche needs inherent in the potential of these warriors, also wrote NV Gogol, so describing the 1st of their own characters: "… it would be in the army, yes to war, to NIGHT MODE sneak up to the battery of the enemy and steal the gun … But the war was not for him and so he stole the service … "

In an old time to find such a tendency in the youth squad took to the knight or prince, and his whole life was forthcoming in a particular line: war, peers, production, threat. It was granted "natural warrior" constantly strong emotions, constant release of concentrated fury, the supreme goal of spending target of physical strength and mental energy.

In Russia, these warriors warriors get much respect as defenders "of the gate of evil." A striking example of a similar biography — Russian hero Ilya Muromets, actually lived warrior, sung in the epics.

In light of these considerations a thought: a child with a genetic analysis to identify people who are predisposed to military career, reviving such makarom military class, return its military heroes. For such a fighter by nature no "boosters" are needed. It will not return to the past, and if anything, a step forward — in the future, enriched with accumulations of knowledge.


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