The snake was lying in a clearing with mushrooms


Learned the details of discovery in the woods Pustoshka four-meter snake. In the newspaper Pustoshka district "Forward" came villager Verbilovo Vladimir Vasiliev, whose photo next to the 4-hmetrovoy snake dispersed over the Internet.

Talk with him managed to district police chief of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations and mobilization training Viktor Vladimirov, who gave some details of the incident.

— Young people are five of us went for mushrooms, chanterelles just went — says Victor Y.. — One of the young men saw a small clearing with chanterelles, and she was lying in the middle of "log" — a snake coiled quite a bit in the ring. The guy walked away and called a little rest.

After verbilovtsy dealt with reptiles, they made a few pictures on a cell phone. Python carcass left in the same place — for transport to the village, no one with them did not have a rope.

The next day, after returning python did not — one of the participants of the event went to Sebezh, the second in Pskov. In the forest the company again went in a week, but there are no snakes to be found. However, for the time specified by the guys went to a place other residents Verbilovo, which confirmed that the python — the real. In this case, during the week the size of his body reduced the wild animals, bite off a piece.
Viktor Vladimirov also said that three years ago, half a kilometer from the exact same snake killed the villagers Maslova. It gave him a reason to assume that both the python used to belong to one the owners are likely to cottagers from St. Petersburg or Moscow.

— We looked on the Internet — continues to Victor Y., — python this size reaches just over three years. That is, they like it and threw up a new. And when he grows up, begins to eat much. Kilogram of the rabbit is in St. Petersburg 500 rubles, and this two kilograms — just for breakfast.

Also Victor Yu said that the place where they found a python — is the mushroom in the district.

— Maybe it was released, because someone will see this snake in mushrooms — and more scared in this place do not go looking for mushrooms. And these people will know that he will not do anything to them that it is not dangerous and will quietly gather mushrooms.

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