Under water — to the brothers on reason

October 13, 2012 16:48

For the umpteenth time before mankind the question arises: Are we the only masters of planet Earth? Maybe with our civilization in parallel there is another which is in the water column, and therefore unknown to us? And maybe they are wrong, they live there, in the abyss, and a secret from everyone on their military underground bases are preparing to colonize Earth.

All can be …

The well-known ichthyologist Patterson in 1948 argued that, from a depth of six or more kilometers under water can not be life, because under the pressure of 650 atmospheres do not survive even the simplest organisms. However, just one year on the raised from a depth of more than ten kilometers of the dredge were found dozens of species of living creatures such as sea cucumbers, sea anemones, Butterfly shells etc. It turns out that they live where glass floats from ships under pressure turn into powder.

Many scholars argue that, along with the Earth's civilization on the planet, there is another — an underwater civilization.

This is indicated by many ancient legends and myths. For example, there is a description in Sumerian race of monsters, which is an poluryba-half people. Under the leadership of their chief Oanka they occasionally come out of the water and taught people to read, write, build.

In Japan, there are legends of the ability to live in the water "reed people." Japanese prints, found in the 18th century, depict them with claws and webbed feet and hands.

And in Japan say they live in the sea ningyo — immortals mysterious creatures like humans. The man who ate meat ningyo, became a long-lived. Legend has it that the girl, who tried the meat of these "sea people" lived eight hundred years, apparently remaining the same fifteen-year girl.

But this is only a legend, but at 20 and now at 21 centuries was plenty of evidence that people saw mermaids, water or similar to them being.

In 2003, on board the trawler Azerbaijan "Baku" fishermen have reported a mysterious creature that in the Caspian Sea has long floated along with their vessel. Initially, the fishermen were happy, thinking that they got in the way of very large fish, but what was their surprise when, instead of the front flippers, they saw through binoculars hands, and on her head — hair …

This phenomenon and the Caspian Sea before rumors in Iran, after the disclosure of reports of the Azeri fishermen, many Iranians have begun to say that not once seen this strange creature. Scientists also explain what happened awakening underwater volcanoes and the intensification of oil production in the region Babulsar.

Moreover, the description of the creature — Rune Shah, are very similar. The fishermen, who saw him, say that in those places where it occurs, is a lot of fish. It seems that the fish — his entourage. However, it never makes no effort to release their catch, and not come into contact with people.

Rune Shah often see the fishing villages between the cities of Astara and Lankaran. According to scientists, the rune Shah — not one individual, and that a tribe of people who live under water, and the tribe is very dissatisfied with what we have turned the Caspian Sea — their home.

Swedish Jan Lindblad, cryptozoologist, specialty, suggested that even before the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals in fresh water on the planet already living beings — ikspiteki, aquatic primates that were not needed gills and they successfully treated lungs.

Initially, long before the appearance of Homo sapiens, ikspitekam belonged to our entire planet, however, global warming is all ice water spilled into the ocean, many freshwater reservoirs have dried up, and life situation for them stronger changed. And then people amphibious nothing was left but to go into a perennial swamps and deep lakes like Lake Baikal.

A similar case and told a resident of Nizhny Tagil A. Aziz, who, along with his daughter passed through the Ural Mountains.

Smorodinka the stream on the way to the village of Elizabeth's coffin is in place making, was founded in a small but deep lake, all of whose banks have become dense thickets. It was there for a long time, father and daughter were watching strange, like human beings, who jumped from the branches in the water and to get back on the trees …

Witnesses like creatures are found not only in fresh water, but also in the oceans! Maybe in the deep sea, there is another kind of dead-end of humanity, which from time immemorial, went under the water? In this regard, scientists think of the legendary Atlantis, which owned the unique technologies, and then, by force of circumstances, have moved into the water. Legend tells that the Atlanteans far superior technical and cultural level of all other nations, is still in the stage of development of the Copper Age.

And another legend says that the court mechanics of the last kings of Atlantis produced mechanical drives not only for vehicles, but also for underwater vehicles. And if all this is not an exaggeration and a little bit true, then it is likely that part of the inhabitants of Atlantis survived the crash, completely destroying their continent, moved into the water and settle there.

Studies carried out in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in the proposed area of the sunken Atlantis, have enabled scientists to discover there a ladder leading down into the cave, and round off the vertical walls of the giant stones, some transitions, arcs, for which, perhaps, hidden entrance leading water to housing people.

A fisherman from the town Tronto on the Adriatic talked about what he saw as the depth of water was directed at him red. Undaunted, the young man swam to shore, but the light hurried after him, then rising to the surface, then diving deep under water.

Initially native fisherman took this story as crazy hallucination, but soon the sea such abnormal phenomena began again to repeat. Mysterious glow, green and red beams of light swirling sea water column, which suddenly rose a hundred meters, strange "grooves" on the surface that the air is fixed and the Coast Guard.

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