Bookmark armored Gyurza M for the Ukrainian Navy

October 25, 2012 at the "Plant" Lenin's smithy "in Kiev accomplished 2-laying of the first created for the Ukrainian Navy small armored gunboats Project 58155 (" Gyurza-M "). Boats planned to be applied to solve problems in the Danube River Basin and in the coastal zone of the Dark Sea and Azov Seas. According disk imaging press service of the Ministry of Defence, 2017 will be built for the Navy Ukraine nine types of boats "Viper-M. "But during the ceremony of laying the first 2-units on October 25, the first deputy minister of defense Ukraine Alexander Oleinik said that the number of completed boats "will depend on funding."

Armored boat project 58155 ("Gyurza-M") was developed by Ukrainian company "Kazennyi research and design center of shipbuilding" (Nikolaev) and is forthcoming launches development project 58150 ("Viper"), The two units were built," Lenin's smithy "in 2004 for the Border Service of Uzbekistan at the expense of the South American financing (5.6 million dollars). Boat project 58155 ("Gyurza-M") larger than its own layout, and has a total displacement of 50.7 tons, a length of 23 meters, a width of 4.8 meters and a draft of 1 meter. The highest speed "GYURZA-M" to 25 knots, range economic progress of 700 miles, autonomy 5 days. The crew of 5 people. Armament consists of two boats remote-controlled naval combat module BM-5M.01 "Qatran-M" (which he wrote our blog) of SE "Nicholas repair-mechanical plant", is a variant of the combat module BM-3 "Storm" for armored vehicles . Each module "Qatran-M" includes a 30-mm automatic cannon ZTM1, 30-mm automatic grenade launcher and 7.62-mm machine gun CT, and two anti-tank "Barrier" with laser guidance system. Boat equip optronic fire control system, and also has a set of portable air defense missile systems.

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