In Utah thousands of birds crashed on the asphalt

In Utah thousands of birds crashed on the asphaltBird watchers gather on the streets surviving "suicides" have received fractures and contusions.

On the night of December 13, in the U.S. state of Utah has occurred, unprecedented "ptitsepad."

It was as if suddenly thousands of migratory waterfowl unanimously decided to commit suicide, a stone falling from the sky.

Public Services, Cedar City, where it happened, clean parks and streets with the dead birds, and local ornithologists birds pick up survivors who received fractures, sprains, bruises and contusions. During the day, they had collected about two thousand accidents nmax and sent to the rehabilitation of a large ice-free in winter pond, located well away from residential areas.

Local experts say they do not recall disaster of this magnitude. A "mass suicide" of birds attributed to the fact that from the height of their mission, they were shiny wet asphalt on for water.

"Over the city hung low storm clouds. Lighted outdoor areas from the air might look like the surface of water. Birds sat down to rest, and broke on the pavement, "- says an employee of the Department of Wildlife staff Teresa Griffin.

According to her, this to her memory has not happened.

"Birds crashed before, but these were isolated cases," — said Teresa Griffin.

"Ptitsepad" people are not hurt, did not lead to injuries and accidents, ITAR-TASS reported. 

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