Long live Belarus

And so, not easier,
We try our age —
You can go to the square,
Dare to enter the area,
At the appointed hour?

A. Galich

Again area. Manezh Square on December 11, Independence Square (Square white.) On December 19. Once again, thousands of people who want to change, and again, riot police, the Interior troops, someone again, for the umpteenth time in the history of mankind provokes mass, and all ruthlessly suppressed by the police, in which there is a formal occasion — peel, indiscriminately without thinking, as taught. Continuous deja vu, only country and the other reason, it would seem weightier.

Yesterday, I watched a report from the Belarusian opposition website Charter 97, was reading materials, watching photos and video, and I was not for himself. Probably because Belarus for me not a foreign country. I was a woman there, so it was that love has passed, but the friendship remained. I was in Minsk this spring, walking through this area (the most unusual is its architectural design resembles something Manege), looked at the great church of St Simon and Lena (Reddish Church) near the demonstrators yesterday were, beheld the Government House. This building is the traditional Stalinist style, built in 1934, survived the German occupation and after the war was renovated. And yesterday, someone in the crowd tried to break through the inside of this building, thrashed glass, break out the door, who it was — provocateurs or inflamed the opposition, no one now and do not pronounce. The action was condemned at the beginning, and inside the buildings and around the previously focused SWAT which, when needed, and pressed people from the area. Especially memorable episode of the police lieutenant who was with the protesters, already with a broken head, he shouted at the Special Forces soldiers: "Do you suck?"

Long live Belarus

While I followed developments in the area, in Belarus launched Internet censorship. The websites of the Belarusian opposition media is the same "Charter 97", "Belarusian partisan", the website of the newspaper "Solidarity" was closed for the Belarusians. Did not have access to the social networking site Facebook, was not working microblogging network Twitter, LiveJournal, and even blogohosting mailer Gmail. I talked with a friend, she confirmed, access to these resources were not. The authorities feared light of these developments, fearing publicity. Students in the order of mandatory forced to vote early, intimidating neuvvyazkami on learning. Nonresident students in Minsk at the weekend evicted from the hostel to God forbid they do not come to this area, not shouting "Long live Belarus!"

Most of all I suppress the fact that I do not know where I would have turned out if I was a Belarusian. Would go to the area or was sitting at home and condemned the antics of the "Westerners" who waved flags of the European Union. Belarus — is everything, it's kind of an outlet for those who are nostalgic for the departed into non-existence of the USSR. Who knows, maybe would look exactly as our homeland, if our history had taken a different path.

Last Teran Europe, so be it called Lukashenko, but I'm sure he defeated in the election, the whole thing just a percentage, in the fact that he scored almost 79% I do not believe it. In that scored the right to win — completely. Maybe it Teran, but Belarus has its advantages, which, I think, are more important for the average philistine, but where is the line where you can decide what is more important.

Belarus a country of contrasts. After spending quite a bit, you notice that the roads — roads, not on their wells regulated by GOST. Public transport 7 rubles — all, including underground, compare with the prices in the capital's subway, the trip to what the new year will cost you 28 rubles. Products are cheaper by at least one third, although I did not find where the cheaper, which would take it easier. A visit to the Municipal Museum of the Great Patriotic War — 20 rubles. with photographing, funny money. And along with that in February this year passed a law to censor the Web, which Belarus has put on a par with Iran, China and North Korea. To sit in an Internet cafe from July to present a passport. For students of acts indispensable rassredotachivanie for 3 years, when you are guaranteed to provide jobs, but for all that can be sent away to an absolute Tmutarakan without asking permission.

Long live Belarus

Byelorussia — This is a country where the street in Minsk will not find "come in large numbers," such migration policy of the country — do not try to lure people from poorer countries. It is a country where the street I did not met any 1 person in a police uniform, but the traffic police at the embassy buildings and passing cars on patrol. After Moscow, which in the unending horror of terror and crime is particularly seemed obvious. With all of this in Belarus disappear without any trace of journalists, opposition media are locked, and yesterday were detained 7 of 9 representatives of the opposition, the number of presidential candidates.

In Belarus, completely legally operate a casino who had gone into hiding in Russia. And if, for example, in Mogilev is simply slot machine halls, the luxurious facilities in Minsk with gaping signs. Well love sports in Belarus? A beautiful complex "Minsk-Arena", the biggest hockey pitch in the CHL (15 000 people), and in addition has an indoor ice rink and a velodrome that rivals the size of the central arena. Against this background, running riot police, who indiscriminately pounding people in the crowd, this is the video. This is the law enforcement officers who beat presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva — State of the writer of the republic.

Where is the borderline between when a person decides to go out on area, almost certain knowledge that will disperse the demonstration. I am not prepared to answer this question. But I love that distinctive government, including me as almost all do not like ours. How great it would be to combine the best that there is in our countries, but it is a utopia, a tall tale. Because here and there people will continue to come out to the square, who knows, maybe someday I'll be on the square.

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