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On the other side of mortality. True Stories

Our life would be pointless if it ended in death. But man was created for immortality, and his resurrection, Christ has opened the gates of Heaven and eternal bliss for those who believe in Him and live righteously. A person's soul lives on, never ceasing its existence for a single moment.

Modern "post-mortem" experiences have made people aware of the tremendous awareness of the soul after death. But by itself this awareness is not enough to protect in this state from the manifestations of an out of body areas, should possess the whole Christian teaching on the subject.

Another world, though not a complete stranger to us, but do not be just a pleasant meeting with your favorite "in the resort of" happiness, and spiritual will clash experienced by the location of the soul in life — whether it is leaning more to the angels and saints in a virtuous life or, through carelessness and lack of faith, to make yourself more fit for the society of the fallen spirits. The film shows the stories of people who have crossed the threshold of death.

This body experience will be of interest to those people who continue to matter does not want to see who has lost faith in the immortality of the soul, and those who suffer, who groan under the burden of life's hardships and misery.

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