Or a level playing field of the election campaign?


Participants: Expert campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" Valentin Stefanovich and lawyer Vladimir Labkovich.

Vladimir Labkovich

Valentin Stefanovich

Valery Karbalevich

The role of state institutions

Valery Karbalevich"Yesterday television channels showed Lukashenko met with trustees. It is interesting here is not only that the working time presidential candidate is not engaged in performing public duties and his own election campaign. It is important that its trustees are the heads of senior government officials, of areas.

The main difference between free election is not free from non-participation of government institutions in the election campaign. In democratic countries, the ruling team is conducting the election campaign, the party relying on the social structures, rather than public institutions. And in Belarus Lukashenko runs the whole state machine. "

Valentin Stefanovich"We have state institutions — the main participants in the campaign. Of them formed the electoral commission, they provide for the collection of signatures. In economics, 80% of business entities — state. "

Vladimir Labkovich"The election campaign — this event is more for government than to the public. This control of the commissions, the control of agitation.

Indeed yesterday's event with Lukashenko — a violation of the law. After meeting the other candidates with their proxies will not be shown on TV. It was in a government building during working hours. Should be the reaction of the CEC. But, unfortunately, we have all the electoral commission — it's the same chain of command. "

Is it possible to resist the state machine?

Karbalevich"It turns out that the opposition candidates have to campaign is not against Lukashenko, but against the whole state machine. In such circumstances, they are a priori can not win. After the victory needs to smash the whole state machine. And this means a revolution. "

To deal with the state machine equals in principle impossible.

Stefanovic"To deal with the state machine on an equal footing, in principle, impossible. Opportunities campaigning for the opposition candidates is very limited in time and means. One month of campaigning — very little. Meeting with voters in the room or on the streets — this is the format of local or parliamentary elections, but not presidential. "

Labkovich"Tu electoral system, which is formed in the Belarusian opposition candidates by electoral defeat is impossible."

State-run media

Karbalevich"What is the role of public media in the election campaign?"

Stefanovic"In the state media choice is given a special place. Little is said about them. More talk about the All-Belarusian Assembly. Only in the last few days kontraprapaganda started strong against the opposition. Lukashenko's opponents announced as clowns, not serious people. Media claim that the election results are known in advance to all. Therefore, the play takes place with the participation of the actors is not quite normal.

In democratic countries, in elections held around the clock debate, discussion. Voters are given the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about the candidates. "

With this role of state media, which now exists, free elections, we will not.

Labkovich"The state media discredit not only the alternative candidates, but all opposition completely. Moreover, there is a terrible devaluation of elections as a process. They are declared clowning. With this role of state media, which now exists, free elections, we will not. After all, free elections suggest the possibility of citizens to obtain a comprehensive and objective information. "

Or objective electoral commission?

Karbalevich"Can there be electoral commissions at all levels are independent of the state? Here is the chairman of the CEC Yarmoshyna said that he considered himself a member of the team Lukashenko. So, can the referee on the pitch to play for one of the teams? "

Stefanovic"Not only the CEC, but the electoral commission are in command of the president. Our main source for the formation of election commissions — labor groups. The fact that labor groups are the subjects of the electoral process — it's not normal. In a democracy, the main subjects of the electoral process should be political parties. Now, when a third of the electoral commissions must be members of political parties and public organizations, there will still get the same representatives of labor collectives, but in a new role. Commission remain under the total control of the executive. In such a situation it is impossible to hope for an honest vote count. "

Labkovich: Electoral commission formed without considering the interests of all stakeholders of the elections. They are not plural, so they can not be objective. In a democracy, it is impossible to imagine that the Chairman of the Central Election Commission said that the defeat of a candidate would be a personal tragedy for me. The method of formation of election commissions indicates that they are designed to provide the desired results of the elections. 80% of members of election commissions were from past elections. And, by the way, those elections were recognized by international observers do not correspond to democratic standards.

According to the current electoral legislation in Belarus can hold democratic elections. This requires political will. Formation of Election Commission shows that such political will is missing. "

Stefanovic"Over the years, the concept of" Lukashenka "and" state "so zraslisya that many people have forgotten what a real election."

Labkovich"In another way, the power to work and can not. No party in Belarus, which could serve as election machine Lukashenko. Therefore it is necessary to use a selective vertical. And to hide the role of government is impossible. "


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