Prosecutor demands tougher sentencing for Michael Bashura

November 30th Minsk City Court hears an appeal activist campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura the verdict of the Soviet district of Minsk, issued Nov. 19.

According to the decision, Michael Bashura was convicted of forgery and sentenced to a fine of 17.5 million rubles. In addition to this will be considered an appeal against the Soviet District Prosecutor's Office, which requires to apply to Michael Bashura more severe punishment.

Lawyer Michael Bashura Tamara Sidorenko in an interview with "Freedom" explained the essence of the meeting, which is scheduled for Nov. 30:

"We disagree with the fact that we were found guilty. A prosecutor in turn appealed against the verdict, but believes that we are mildly punished. We have a copy of the protest. The quintessence of it on three sheets that Bashura very poorly done in such a policy, so bad it took. "

Michael Bashura now coordinates trustees presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva and his meetings with voters:

Michael Bashura"I hope that this appeal against the prosecutor does not threaten, but could theoretically be anything. Theoretically could even be the case that I can not even put in jail, as requested by the representative of the prosecutor at the preliminary trial. But I hope that this will not happen. "

Tamara Sidorenko explained the legal procedure of consideration of appeals:

"You have to understand that what has prosecutors will invalidate the verdict and a new trial in the court of first instance. Add in a simple municipal court can not. In order to convict a person more strictly, it is necessary to cancel the verdict and to return to the judging procedure — regarded days with a call any witnesses for the first time. "

The appeal of Michael Bashura and prosecutors protest the Soviet district of Minsk City Court will consider a 10-morning.


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