The accident in eastern China in the river poured tons of chemicals

Fell from the bridge tank with 30 tons of methyl acetate.  Zhejiang Province.  September 2011.  Photo from

Loaded with 30 tons of a chemical methyl tank fell off the bridge. Two drivers were injured. Chemical leaked into the river. Cause of the accident and the extent of water poisoning investigated.

The accident occurred in the morning on September 13 in the eastern district of Longquan, Zhejiang Province, according to local media.

As a result of a fall from a three-meter bridge, formed hole in the tank and start a chemical fountain translate into anabranch Outszyan. The leak continued for several hours, until it was closed up. How many tons of chemicals spilled is not yet known.

"Authorities said they will inform us about the situation and warned that we have not used the water from the river and the fish. But it was to have the whole day, no message has not been, "- told The Epoch Times villager Anji, located downstream Outszyan.

Currently, the local environmental protection department took samples of water in the river for a distance of 100, 500 and 1000 meters from the source of leakage of toxic substances. Test results are not yet known.

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