Transparent ballot boxes — Transparent Elections

In Gomel, civil society activists, supporting Vladimir Neklyaeva, started a social campaign: "Transparent ballot boxes — transparent elections."

Activist Campaign Natalia Samson:

"From the transparent ballot boxes CEC refused, so we clearly show people how it could be."

The townspeople approach the picket line, write on colored pieces of paper that resemble the size of a regular newsletter, comments: "Over the transparent selection", "Good luck in the election!" Some of the images depict the sun, the heart.

Near the transparent ballot box is Neklyaeva picket Andrei Sannikov. A member of his initiative group Galina Baranova, despite the snow and cold, giving a handout, which has just received from Minsk.

Near the underground passage BRSMovtsy put a picket at the official flag for the Alexander Lukashenko. They hand out the Programme of Action of the candidate, which is already published on Saturday, a local official newspaper.

Democratic activists with white-red-white flag BRSMovtsam reminded that those violating the order of organizing pickets. Exactly near subways and organize mass actions are prohibited.

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