Will the CEC due to frost campaigning under the ground?

Part of the presidential candidates spent today traveling around Russia and abroad, the second part of preparing for presentations and meetings.

This morning at the Minsk railway station police detained trustees Vladimir Neklyaeva — Alexander Fyaduta andOleg Snowstorm, who returned from Moscow. There they were preparing a presentation of the book by Vladimir Neklyaeva "Window." Commenting on these actions of the police, Nyaklyayeu said:

"Our plan trustees were to find evidence of funding Lukashenko, Vladimir Neklyaeva in the Russian Federation. Today, the car in which they were traveling, there were representatives of the secret services, told everyone in the car transported for some is not allowed to route things. Mr and Mr Fyaduta Myatselitsa brought, was taken to the site and did a search not only things, but also a personal inspection. Found just what usually happens to people on the road — travel and money for lunch. "

After that trustees released. Nyaklyayeu said that this refers to the deliberate actions of the authorities seriously. Where once he had wondered whether to file a lawsuit against Alexander Lukashenko for his assertion that Nekljaev financed from Russia, but now have decided to file a lawsuit. Today Mr. Nekljaev will hold a meeting with voters in Shklou, where "there is land Lukashenko."

Presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski on a visit to Brussels, where he met with a number of MEPs and European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek. In Brussels, interested in the situation in Belarus and the presidential election campaign.

"He assured that the European Parliament monitors and supports. And from my side was a promise, which I presented to all citizens of Belarus in Belarusian television. I said that there is definitely a threat to the independence of Belarus and it would be from Europe and principled nelegalizatsyi mode when no free elections. And what is going on in the Belarusian media, shows that the election can not be called free. "

Agitation sign in Minsk.

"Sovetskaya Belorussia" published today the election programs Yaroslav Romanchuk andStatkevich. However, not on the front page, as was printed program of the candidate Alexander Lukashenko, and the 4th and 5th. Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik sees no violations, as the "newspaper of the presidential administration of President decided to print on the front page." Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that this is one way of discrimination against candidates not from the government:

"For example, when we were in Maladzechna, the local electoral commission published the information about my meeting with voters on the 15th page of commercial ads. It was like a nekralog, not an invitation to a meeting with a presidential candidate. "

Today Romanchuk TV air and is preparing to write material for the Internet-editions. Statkevich recorded speech on radio and preparing for the visit to the region, where it expects to go with another candidate for the presidency Dmitry mustache.

Statkevich"Tomorrow I Baranavichi, the day after tomorrow in Brest. In addition to meetings with voters in the room, lots of other meetings. With rare exception to December 18 inclusive at me every day will be a meeting in the regions. Together with the mustache. People will be more interesting to look at the two candidates. We would like to make our position on the lack of choice was made. "

Presidential candidate Grigory Kastusyou meets voters in Baranovichi and Slonim. He also directed the CEC and the Minsk city executive committee statement asking because of freezing weather to reconsider a decision prohibiting conduct picketing in underground passages. However, as the authorities at the request did not respond.


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