Yemen will become the third state where the defeated Arab Smoot?

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, apparently, will be the third president who will lose power as a result of mass popular demonstrations. Saleh expressed his willingness to resign before the end of 2011, passing the board specially made by the military council. This is with reference to its representative at Tuesday, March 22, reports The Wall Street Journal.

His resignation would be premature: the next presidential elections in Yemen to be held in 2013. Earlier Yemen favorite than once rejected the claims made opposition, promising to finalize before the end of his own life.

The opposition, which has supported the

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In the Kaluga region build cement plant

Construction of the new venture of the French company "Lafarge" is ahead of schedule. The plant is built using the latest technology and to meet modern environmental standards. The plant's capacity will reach 2 million tons per year, will create hundreds of jobs. Start of production of cement is scheduled for the first half of next year.

The activities of the new plant could be the basis for the establishment of the Kaluga region of another industrial park. It can accommodate various types of industries, including building materials.  

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Belarusian analogue of the Russian Center E to work?

Society In the prisons of Belarus continue to hold the four young men, who are accused of involvement in the attack on the Russian embassy and other crimes. What's new in the attacking anarchists, the conditions in which they are kept?

Regarding this matter during the All-Belarusian People's Assembly has already expressed Alexander Lukashenko, who said that the supposedly "know all about these attacks." Meanwhile, to get a comment about the case itself, law enforcement agencies can not: the KGB did not even recognize that the departmental prison contain Igor Olinevich, one of the four detained supporters of anarchism.

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Yemen has accused Ukraine of misappropriating funds for tanks

The nephew of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh — Tarik Saleh — arrived in Ukraine to reach from "Ukroboronprom" compensation for unfulfilled contract the supply of the main battle tanks. According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the agreement was signed before the revolution in Yemen, but after the change of regime in the country Ukrainian side disrupt the deal "for technical reasons". Details of the agreement were not disclosed.

In time Saleh's government, his nephew commanded the 3rd brigade of the Army of the armed forces of the state of Yemen. According to the Yemeni newspaper Al Ahali, which

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In the Kaluga region are building a plywood factory

In the village of Betlitsa Kuibyshev district on November 22 laid the first stone in the construction of the plywood mill "Management Company" Magnate ".


The enterprise is planned for 2013. The total investment, including infrastructure for logging to be around 100 million euros. The planned capacity of the plant — tys.kubometrov to 100 per year. The plant will create about 250 jobs.

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River in Beirut painted in the color of blood



A lot of Concerned beyruttsev on Wednesday 15 February pelted local officials about reports that the river in the Farne al Shabbak (Furn al-Shubbak) turned blood-red. The authorities immediately rushed to check it out. A version that the river could be dropped coloring agents or chemicals. But nothing is yet confirmed. Causes redness water remain unknown. Minister for the Environment Nazim al-Khoury (Nazem el-Khoury) gave private order to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

River in Beirut painted in the color of blood

Yemen is on the way Somalization

Yemen before the start of the Arab unrest and so was a state full of problems, and in 2011, the situation is even more complicated. Country is on the way "Somalization." This is evidenced by the situation in the field of socio-economic situation of the country, and recent domestic political action.

Honorary President Ali Abdullah Saleh (after the signing of the November 23, 2011 in Riyadh, developed by the Cooperation Council for the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf contract for the transfer of power in the country, he stayed for 3 months honorary president) graciously agreed to wait

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U.S.: Belarusian NPP promotes energy security in Europe

Construction of the Belarusian Society of Nuclear Power "will help the process of diversification of energy resources and energy security in Europe." This statement was made today at a press conference in Washington, U.S. Assistant Secretary Philip Gordon, the TV channel Euronews.

Previously, foreign ministers of Belarus and the USA Sergei Martynov and Hillary Clinton announced after talks on the sidelines of the OSCE summit in Astana, Minsk that eliminate all its stocks of enriched uranium by 2012.

In turn, Clinton, commenting on the Belarusian government plans to build its own nuclear power plant, said the United States supports the

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After 10 years, solar power will compete with fossil

According to the forecast of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) solar power can compete modern energy from fossil fuels, but this will happen no earlier than 10 years. In the next 10 years, photovoltaic panels will become more efficient, affordable and powerful, experts conclude.


"We believe that solar photovoltaic panels will be able to fundamentally change the rules of the game. No other source of alternative energy has the same potential. If the cost of solar power will continue to decline, we see a tremendous rate of penetration of these sources in the

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Russia is a great and ancient. Russian people will return to their roots …..

"And another one carried the wisdom of the people of Russia through all the trials of the last century: Who loves the Creator, that He did and experienced.

And it's the truth! For in order to entrust to a very important thing is to check the reliability of the person to whom you trust!

This explains why the transition will begin in 2012 with the Russian people. "Foam", which in recent years has emerged in Russia and violently "blossomed" — though it is the representatives of the people, not the people. And so can you believe that the Creator

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