In the Kemerovo regional perinatal center opened


In Kemerovo December 14, 2010 was held in the delivery of a working operation of the regional perinatal center. Kuzbass was among 22 regions in which it was decided to construct health facilities.

In addition to the center in Kemerovo, perinatal centers were opened in Tver, Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Rostov At the site visited Governor Aman Tuleyev. He inspected the facilities and equipment for infants, met with the builders, management and medical staff the center, — the press-service of administration of the Kemerovo region.

The governor noted that the Kuzbass was among the 22 regions in

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Latvian psyhaterapevt immaturity of society, policy-psychopath

Society In the Latvian parliamentary elections held in October, were unable to attend several declared candidates. The reason for this was the state of their mental health.

Believed the leading representatives of the Latvian school of psychiatry, in the current political environment of the country psychopath very much. Due to the inherent psychological characteristics of these people, they are able to create a bright itself, but a false impression. Many perceive their identity as something much more than it actually is. Politicians with mental illness who crave public recognition, tend to nominate the most fantastic theories and defend them with

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Treason 1941 (Part 1)

One of the more mysterious moments in the history of our country is 1941. Mysteriously, not just for us, and for a fighter who passed through this year. Year paradoxical. The heroism of the defenders of the Brest Fortress, border guards, pilots who had committed several air rams already in the first day of the war — in stark contrast with the surrender of the masses of the Red Army. What is the problem?

Contrasts in 1941 give grounds for a variety of interpretations of what happened. Some they say that Stalin's purges stripped of the usual army commanders.

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In Kemerovo opened a new kindergarten

In the village of Peter the opening of a kindergarten combined type number 23.

Construction of the building was carried out in the framework of the national project "Education" and the regional program "The development of critical infrastructure in the Kemerovo region, 2008-2012." The new kindergarten will run 3 groups with 70 seats for children aged 2.5 to 7 years and this will allow local people need the services of pre-school education.

Pre-school is equipped with everything necessary. Purchased new furniture, colorful toys and educational games. In the reception — cabins with heating, in groups first floor —

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In Kemerovo opened a kindergarten for 280 places

At the opening of the Kemerovo municipal autonomous preschool educational institution number 14 "Rainbow Carousel."

In kindergarten equipped with music and sports halls, swimming pool, a modern health and fitness center, classrooms speech therapist, psychologist, an art studio. Recreation and sports grounds have netravmoopasnym gaming and sports equipment. In the medical office acquired modern machines and equipment that will allow the complex to carry out preventive and corrective measures, treatments for sickly children.


Feature preschool — opened here a unique children's museum, the only one among the preschool, which

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Due to disagreements Serdyukov was sacked chief military financier

Misha Mokretsov, Deputy Defense Minister, not converged in the views of the Minister in question rassredotachivaniya funds allocated under the state defense order. According to the media, referring to a source in the central office of the Ministry of Defense, minister Defense Anatoly Serdyukov signed on November 15, a proposal to dismiss from office Mokretsova. At the same time he was banished to the final signing of the presidential administration.

Midges before firing began taking leave. His duties at the time sang Tatyana Shevtsova — other deputy Minister. Midges was a confidant of Serdyukov since 2000. The Defense Ministry,

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Mogilev: TBM is fighting for the Jesuit church

Society Mogilev organization of the Belarusian Language Society defends the place where the church has remained the foundation of St. Xavier's, from being there erected a modern building. One of the commercial organizations decided to build himself an office there. TBMavtsy will ask for support from the Mogilev public. Have achieved a meeting with the leadership and executive committee.

Today to support the activists arrived in Mogilev head of the Society for Protection of Monuments of Belarus Anton Astapovich. Meeting with him took place in the regional library.

Anton Astapovich

According to a guest, the construction of an office building

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In Kemerovo opened bikeways

Ceremonial start of cycle routes in the park was named. Faith Voloshinoy Kemerovo. The total length of 11.13 kilometers veloputey.

Now, residents of the regional center may be families with children, grandchildren, friends, without breaking the rules of the road, fast, safe ride through the city in designated bike path. To do this, repaired, and somewhere completely replaced by asphalt, sidewalks are in order for the entire length of bicycle paths, bear special markings, installed road signs for cycling.

The park is named. Faith Voloshinoy is a detailed diagram of cycling routes to any cyclist can see how it

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Vitebsk. Rymasheuski denied holding nine meetings

Society Waivers were obtained before and immediately prior to meetings with voters. Protection of the shopping center "EVIC" even arrested for allegedly Tatiana Seviarynets illegal campaigning. Mrs released only after a call to the CEC.

Vitebsk supporters Vital Rymasheuski reported that campaign meetings were planned and on the First Department of Internal Affairs, and the district traffic police in enterprises "Belvest", "Marco" and "Visas" in Vitebsk University — but everywhere trustees was denied.

Immediately prior to the meetings already customized the candidate and his trustees May Day has been denied by the district administration and the broadcasting company "Vitebsk".

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Storm warning announced in the Novosibirsk region

Storm warning because they expected in the next two days with heavy snow blizzards announced in the Novosibirsk region, said on Friday Provincial Department of MOE.

"Day on November 24, November 25 night, the night of November 26 snow is expected, sometimes heavy, prolonged snowstorms, strong winds up to 17-22 meters per second, drifts on the roads, 26 November cold snap," — said in a statement, referring to the Novosibirsk meteorologist.

Rescuers are warning of a possible emergency situations related to cliff lines and power, falling insecure structures, systems failures on Energy and Utilities, disruption of transport, road and utility

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