Another avtapraverka for Dmitri Dashkevich

Leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich was detained by traffic police in the October district of Minsk. Dmitry drove the car, which belongs to the father of Anastasia Palazhanka. Nastya in the time of arrest was in the car with Dimitri.

The police officers explained that they need to find some circumstances. They referred to the information that the car is registered allegedly stolen.

Dashkevich did not wait for the test results the car belonging to the father of Anastasia Palazhanka and left the police headquarters. There remained Anastasia Palazhanka to provide a written explanation police officers.

As a result, Anastasia Palazhanka had to go home by public transport. Her father's police car left on the floor in front of the police station. They explained that the car will be there until the test will last.

The day before, the traffic police have detained Dmitry Dashkevich in Pershamaiski district of the capital. Then they said that he had allegedly called some women and told the driver to behave inappropriately on the road. Dmitry released, but the car, which also belongs to Dashkevich, left for 10 days for verification.

The leader of the "Young Front"Believes that the police were ordered to isolate activists on the eve of the campaign on October Square December 19.



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