Belarusian analogue of the Russian Center E to work?

In the prisons of Belarus continue to hold the four young men, who are accused of involvement in the attack on the Russian embassy and other crimes. What's new in the attacking anarchists, the conditions in which they are kept?

Regarding this matter during the All-Belarusian People's Assembly has already expressed Alexander Lukashenko, who said that the supposedly "know all about these attacks." Meanwhile, to get a comment about the case itself, law enforcement agencies can not: the KGB did not even recognize that the departmental prison contain Igor Olinevich, one of the four detained supporters of anarchism.

In this case, the transmission from parents to Olinevich guards "American" once a week take. The press service of the Minsk city police also did not comment on the case, even though the city police investigators were investigating the attacks on various buildings in Minsk, including the attack on the detention center in Akrestsin, which is also attributed to the "anarchists."

Journalist Alexander Yaroshevich, which is monitoring the situation of detainees suspected of attacks suggests that the mention of the case Lukashenko gives it a distinctly political overtones:

"Because he was interested in it, because he thought it necessary to talk about it on the All-Belarusian Assembly, so he keeps it under control. So, appears more political aspect of this case."

November 28 in Moscow, was detained a citizen of Minsk Igor Olinevich, who left Belarus in autumn, soon after, they began to massively detain supporters of the anarchist movement. Two days later Olinevich taken to Minsk, placed in a KGB prison and charged. Valentine Olinevich does not believe in the involvement of his son in the attack on the Embassy of Russia and believes that the evidence against Igor fabricated Belarusian investigators who have received the order to "exemplary" case in the style of the 30s of the last century. Woman read for "Freedom" letter son Igor Olinevich she received shortly before his arrest in Moscow. Igor shared the information with her mother, had relatively the investigation of the bombings.

"Spin" of the two informers who give any testimony dictation.

"Formed investigation team, all the cases were combined into one." Hyped "two informers who give any testimony dictation. I attribute part in the affairs, next to which I was not. And so people say that I personally do not know, is that they saw one or two times. But it's not so bad. Investigators are trying to "spin" the theme of the underground Russian-Belarusian grouping in which I supposedly the most important, but it's a lie. They also say that we will have created an analogue of the Russian center "E" — the fight against extremism. "

What were the conditions now hold the accused in the attack on the Russian Embassy and other attacks? Alexander Franzkevich to "Volodarka" is in a cell with 20 prisoners, although the beds in the chamber only 6. Turn Franckevica sleep usually falls on the day. The young man does not have one kidney, and relatives of Alexander is very worried about his health. Also in custody is to Volodarskogo Maxim Vetkin — At the same harsh conditions as Franzkevich.

Nicholas Dziadok held in the detention center in Zhodino. He was allegedly accused of robbery and passers-by.

Igor Olinevich yesterday, December 7, visited by a lawyer. That's what this mother reported arrested:

No books and printed materials to pass in the KGB prison can not be

"He said that he behaves well. Even a sense of humor is not lost. The only request — something to read. He is in me as an intellectual, and the rules are such that no books and printed materials to pass in the KGB prison is impossible. In the cell, he sits only. That's all, nothing else lawyer said. "

Valentine Olinevich not rule out that her son was further isolated in the KGB prison, so that the influence to get him the necessary corollary evidence.

As it became known in the late fall to the cause of the explosions combined attack on the Russian embassy, the Minsk detention center in Akrestsin casino "Shangri-La", a branch of "BBK" Palace of Trade Unions, the General Staff and other incidents that allegedly organized supporters of anarchism. Human rights activists say that in the course of the investigation were detained dozens of people, and note that the detainees were often used in relation to unlawful actions by law.

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