Carlos knocks in the Australian trees and tearing wires

Australia — again at the mercy of the weather. Tropical cyclone "Carlos" to the north of the continent brought heavy rains and storms.
Wind speed reaches a hundred miles an hour, he brings down trees and tearing power lines. Without the light remained nearly ten thousand houses. The region is not running airports, closed schools, roads flooded with water. The authorities are already thinking about the evacuation of the settlements.
And an Australian fishermen who went to fish the day before, a giant storm surge demolished in the sea with the boat. Nearly eight hours he had to swim to shore without a life jacket.
At the beginning of this year, Australia suffered the strongest in the history of flooding. In Queensland, some days were heavy rains — the rivers burst their banks. Plunged into the water a huge area — 850 square kilometers. Several towns were cut off from the outside world.

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