In Kasimov (Ryazan region). Put into operation a new gas turbine CHP

Branch of OAO "UES", "Regional power grid dispatching the Ryazan region" (Ryazan RDU) regime provided the conditions for the commissioning of equipment gas turbine combined heat and power (CHP GT) in Qassim. August 14 GT CHP put in the work to include it on the parallel operation of the Unified Energy System of Russia. 


New power is for the supply of electric and thermal energy consumers in Qassim. Power capacity of 18 MW thermal capacity — 80 Gcal / h.

Construction GT CHP in Kassimov conducted by OJSC "GT CHP Energo" (Group of companies "Energomash") in accordance with the regional program for the construction and reconstruction of generating capacity in the Ryazan region for the period up to 2012.

According to the director of the Ryazan RDU Yuri Kolesov, the new GT CHP is important for the management of the electric power grid mode Ryazan. Putting the station in the commercial operation will improve in circuit-mode situation Kasimovsky power center and northern part of the regional power grid, improve the reliability of power supply in case of emergency in the 110 kV network.

In addition, Yuri Kolesov said that the implemented scheme of capacity GT CHP at which The electricity is fed directly to the bus 10 kV substations (SS) 110 kV Kassimov, allow reduction in the load on the transformer substation and feeder equipment of its 110 kV transmission lines, will maintain stable voltage levels in normal and repair schemes, as well as in post-emergency conditions.

During the design and construction of a new generating facility Ryazan RDU participated in the preparation of technical specifications, design documents, technical specifications for the construction of the object of the program include GT CHP network.

Experts have calculated the Ryazan Regional Dispatch Office Settings (settings) of relay protection and automatic GT CHP, 110 kV transmission lines Kassimov and providing output of power stations. Also, the Regional dispatching calculated the electric power system of modes, taking into account the appearance in it of the new generation facility, tested system for the collection, transmission and communication lines to the station control center DEE possible to conduct individual tests and comprehensive testing of plant equipment to include it on the parallel operation with UES of Russia. 

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