OBE for 3 days. Michael Raduga

OBE for 3 days.  Michael Raduga

— For those who want to learn out of the body and lucid dreams;
— For those who can not stand idle talk and theory;
— For those who need a real practice and only practice;

Video seminar which will give:

— The ability to leave the body and knowing how to do it right;
— Ability to handle an out of body experience and all its components;
— Another world, more clear and limitless;
— Opportunity to travel the world, the universe, and time;
— Access to necessary information;
— A completely new and stunning way to self;
— Opportunity again to see and communicate with the dead;
— Mastering the most powerful Psy;
— And many others. etc.

Benefits of Video seminar:

+ effect of real presence at the workshop;
+ guaranteed effect in just a few days;
+ You can watch anywhere, anytime and any number;
+ much cheaper real workshop;

This 10-hour video guarantees results within two days with a probability of 50%.
And 90% in the week when the daily attempts!

Year: 2010
Genre: Seminar
Duration: ~ 10 hours
Directed by: Michael Raduga
Starring: Michael Rainbow and a group of unidentified people

Group: 35 people. The actual result of over 60% (35% after 1 day, 25% on day 2).
Age 18-70 (!) Years. M / F 40/60%. Materialists / esoteric 35/65%.
The group is documented evidence of the reality of the phenomenon and its potential to achieve one or just a few attempts.
Day 1: What is the easiest and fastest way to experience an out of body experience, the easiest algorithm, practice basic techniques and algorithms, as an emergency return to the body;
Day 2: analysis attempts to group and its results, analysis of examples in fact, the deepening of the state, hold state, moving, finding objects;
Day 3: Analysis of attempts and results, analysis of examples in fact, direct techniques, the application of extracorporal phenomenon in applications;

+ Many details about the techniques, interesting stories from practice, ridiculous cases are a variety of useful and usable information systems;

+ 10 demonstration video lessons;
Video feature is not just that Michael Raduga very carefully explains all the technical steps and described in his books, but in the fact that the viewer can see the actual results of the other group members, which can be imposed on the experience. The result can only do things with the people at the seminar, to get the same result. It is thanks to this workshop was destroyed the unavailability of this phenomenon. This really can be learned in a couple of days, not decades as previously thought! The proof is in front of you.

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