Strange bubble over U.S. military base


Mysterious bubble, suddenly appeared on the radar in the Tennessee Valley, the U.S., remains unexplained.

"Anomaly" as it was originally dubbed, appeared on the screens of Doppler systems early in the morning on Tuesday June 4, and gradually covered the territory equal to about half of the nearby town of Huntsville. The emergence of a bubble was accompanied by increased activity of military aircraft and multiple reports of the appearance of strange chemical odors.

City of Huntsville, Alabama, is home to numerous companies of the American military-industrial complex, the program NASA, and one of the largest air bases in the United States, Redstone Arsenal.

The appearance in a place such anomalies caused numerous hypotheses about the nature of its origin. Many attribute this phenomenon system HAARP, which for many reasons is not such a distant hypothesis, but in this case unlikely. Others emphasize himtreyly because they are constantly mentioned in connection with the recent developments in the secretive geoinzhiniringovyh technologies.

What is known for sure — is the fact that on Tuesday afternoon in the area was recorded increased number of military helicopters, including a variety of two-rotor «Chinook», as well as civilian helicopters.

The most detailed hypothesis of what happened today comes from hantsvilskogo meteorologist Ari Sarsalari, whose detailed analysis of radar signature indicates some unknown species of military chaff.

"I think this is a new and so far unknown type of military chaff. They usually consist of tiny, highly reflective particles (often aluminum) that are sprayed from aircraft or naval vessels to shoot down the trail fired missiles, thanks to the creation of false heat and radar signatures. We observed the phenomenon demonstrates the strong reflective properties, is too high for the smoke, but the corresponding chaff, "says Sarsalari.

That's the usual chaff appear on the radar screens:

And here's a snapshot bubble that emerged over the base Redstone Arsenal

"After a detailed study of the tools at our disposal photographs and radar images taken with the use of differential reflection, my guess — we are dealing with a kind of new type of high-tech invisible chaff, which were tested in this place, and the fact that tests are categorically do not want to betray public.

Apparently, whatever it was — it was started up from the base of Redstone Arsenal and slowly dispersed to the east. While this is only a theory, but I hope we will be able to find out the truth, "he says.

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