The legal framework CES can be created before January 1,

Countries of the Customs Union will be able to January 1, 2011 to form the entire legal framework of a single economic space.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Cabinet, which is considered a set of documents related to the launch of a single economic space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"It is important that the day after the summit in Moscow, the head of the three countries had the opportunity to sign a quality, well-designed agreement. Thus, the country's "troika" will meet in the indicated earlier time — before January 1, 2011and — to generate all the legal and regulatory framework CES, "- said the Russian prime minister.

He noted that the SES, and as previously Customs union, "Formed a very tight, without exaggeration record time." Like, this rate was made possible "thanks to the constructive mood of the participating countries."

However, according to Putin, signed a package of agreements EEA work on its formation does not end there.

Putin asked the government to "do not lessen gained momentum and continue the work started with an eye for the long term."

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