The tsunami brought ancient ship

The tsunami brought ancient shipTsunami in Mentawai Islands, brought to shore ancient merchant ship which, according to preliminary data, sank nearly six centuries ago.
According to the AP, about the remote Indonesian island found the vessel was lost centuries ago. Inside, investigators found fragments of green and gray ceramics.

Ancient ship length of 7 m discovered by local fishermen. According to specialists, the ship ran aground Oct. 26, 2010 during the tsunami, which covered Mentawai Islands (130 km to the south-west of Sumatra), due to the death of about 500 people. According Yosmeri (Yosmeri), the head of the sea and the fishing department of West Sumatra, the wave lifted from the bottom of long sunken ship and moved it closer to the coastline. The fisherman said that he found a ship about 6 km from the shore of the island of Pag, which is hardest hit by the tsunami.

Wooden ship was loaded with ceramics, golden necklaces and expensive spices. Before the wreck, he seems to have a long swim in Indonesian waters on the main trade route between Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Scientists believe that the seabed in the area of West Sumatra lie hundreds of such vessels.

Images of the first items raised from the bottom, was sent to Jakarta. Soon there will come a team of archaeologists, which will more detailed study of the sunken ship. And all reported last week, pots, jugs and cups will be investigated in the laboratory. Scientists to better identify their origin and dating. According to preliminary data, the entire pottery is very similar to the one marine archaeologists found on Chinese ships XIV century.

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