In Kazakhstan, flushed lake, killed livestock


And in Almaty oblast residents of New Chemolgan faced with this environmental disaster. The local lake suddenly painted in red color. Local residents began to sound the alarm when the area became home to die beast. On the shores of Lake colored visited Askar Mendybayev.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev every day trying to fight off his herd of dangerous body of water. All to no avail. The whole district is the only reservoir. Chaban sure livestock deaths associated with this water.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev, villagers NEW Chemolgan ALMATY REGION:

— I recently lost about 10 horses, the whole village rustled, it is clear that after drinking water from the lake. Once it became red and started having problems with clean air, all checked: and environmentalists, and mayors, no good there.


— Environmental disaster called the inhabitants of the village of Novy Chemolgan situation. Not so long ago, the lake has become red. The fish does not live here a long time, and the smell is disgusting.



TUMESH Mendybayeva, a resident of the village of New Chemolgan:

— Morning and evening, especially not possible, the wind carries the smelly air, the guests arrive and can not be long, we have children and grandchildren, they breathe it all.

According to old-timers, once a picturesque lake has been a favorite holiday destination. It was performed holidays, picnics, but now the water like a damn, all bypassed. Even the dog. Locals blame the alcohol plant, which was built here a few years ago. People believe that entrepreneurs are fused here waste.

Kenji Tazhibayeva, Head. LABORATORY alcohol plant:

— Our remnants of raw materials is not going anywhere, we have special equipment, we have non-waste production, we have our own septic tanks, there comes conditionally clean water.

As proof of his words, experts have shown how the non-waste production. Wheat waste are used, it is processed for animal feed. While it is recognized that this newly established, with the advent of the new leadership. How did in the previous owners, they do not know.

SERIK Sapargaliyev, REPRESENTATIVE OF ECOLOGY Karasai akimat:

— Together with sanepidemiologami we take water analysis, what sort of chemical. substance. All will study and, according to the conclusion, we will work hard and take action.


— Last week I started to like this post, and the first complaint of the villagers became dirty air. Now all are investigated, the smell was less than before, perhaps affected by the new technology of the plant. But the lake will work to prepare the necessary letters to the district.

Experts promise or dry red lake, or reclaim it. So soon the villagers will be able to breathe the pure air of the foothill. But to do that they had to upholster a lot of rapids.

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