The three-month puppy back to life after a lull

The three-month puppy back to life after a lullThe three-month puppy named WALL-E back to life after having been euthanized at an animal shelter in Oklahoma, according to News 9. How to tell the nursery staff, it was decided to kill the dog, because experts felt that she was too ill and could not recover.
When WALL-E, named in honor of the robot from the same cartoon studio Pixar, along with other sick puppy put to sleep, put it in the trash, where the next day the dog is found alive officer and escaped capture stray animals. Revived WALL-E, it was decided to refer back to a shelter.

Now look for the puppy owner. As told to the nursery worker, when the history of the bounce to life after a lull puppy got in local publications, and Facebook, the shelter began receiving calls from residents of different cities in the U.S. and even Canada, who expressed a desire to take the dog itself.

As expected, the host will pick up WALL-E on Wednesday, March 2. Representatives of the shelter said that WALL-E as a "very special baby needs in a particular host."

The case of the dog alive after the lethal injection was already registered in the U.S.. In autumn 2010 the suburban Detroit decided to euthanize her pitomitsy — Rottweiler named Mia, as the dog was sick. However, a few hours after the injection the animal came to life. Dog owner said that the second time will not be able to lull Miu and decided to find her a new owner, because he could not provide her with the necessary care.

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