Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the Black Sea was covered with ice

The Black Sea was covered with ice.  Photo: vesti.ru

Anomaly record environmentalists and scientists of Ukraine. Off the coast of Odessa for the first time in 30 years frozen Black Sea. Extend to many meters ice bar, beach and pier were covered with ice. A similar situation was in 1977.
There are two reasons. Specialists meteorologist explained that played a role abnormally cold for this region winter: for example, at night the temperature sometimes dipped below minus eight degrees. But environmentalists, adding that not only frost caused such a phenomenon — like an anomaly caused a reduction in water salinity. Off the coast of Odessa biologists took samples and found that the salinity of the water dropped by more than half compared with the water in the oceans.
Due to the uncommon port declared a state of emergency. Developed a special program piloting the case of contact with ice jams. In addition, the third time since the beginning of winter ice and the Sea of Azov, which is why the time is limited ferry flight from the Crimea to Russia. Already missing 4 flights, but weather forecasters predict that the ice off the coast of the Azov Sea, the thickness of which is 20 cm in some places, will last until the second decade of March.

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