In Moscow, a new form of public transport

Starting from June 1, 2013, in Moscow officially start work the first city bike rental points. The project was implemented by the government of the capital and the Bank of Moscow. 

On the first day of opening the first 50 points, over time their number will be increased to 114. To date purchased thousand bikes, and all of them will be 1.7 thousand.

To use the new service, you must register on the site and have a bank card, which is needed in order that in the event of default the bike to find someone who rented it.

All veloparkovki located in central Moscow, a bicycle can be taken at one point, but in the other hand. Rental agencies will be working around the clock in an automatic mode.

Each of the rolling stands Bicycle about $ 1,000. They were purchased from the same company that supplies the bikes in the UK, France, the Czech Republic. Rental bikes are made of non-standard parts, so city officials asked, if possible, handle them carefully.

In the capital, a lot is being done to the bike rider can move around the city in comfort. For example, in 2013 the length of bikeways in Moscow will increase from the current 82 kilometers to 130 kilometers. An internet portal, which can communicate with members of cycling. There's also laid out information about the urban bicycle infrastructure, cycle routes, information about where you can repair the bike, announcements of various velomeropriyaty.

It is planned that the city will distribute free brochure on the rules of cycling. It will contain information on how to use the bike in Moscow, what restrictions are there where you can ride, as well as tips on equipment, rules of riding for children under the age of 14 years, the data on fines and tips on first aid.

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