The situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is developed according to the worst scenario

Because of the complex situation in Japan decided to temporarily exit the families of employees of Russian institutions in Japan. This was reported today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. The evacuation of Japanese diplomats, and members of other Russian government agencies, it is not planned.

Meanwhile, the situation at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima" is developing in the worst case scenario. According to the latest reports, on the 1st and 3rd Units began partial meltdown of the reactor core when the system is cooling. Background radiation in the morning at the main gate of the station briefly rose, then fell and rose again. Work at the nuclear power plant emergency prevents strong wind. He jumps in the level of radiation does not yet allow us to fill the reactor with water and boric acid from the air.

Today is the first time since the disaster, Japanese TV stations transmit only the chronicle of the search and recovery operations, interrupted the broadcast for the emperor — restrained and heartfelt video message from the monarch to his subjects.

"I sincerely, with all my heart I hope that all of our people to show unity, compassion and concern for others, and will survive these hard and difficult times. Complicated by the fact that the scale of the disaster is large, and the nuclear situation are difficult to predict," — said the Emperor in a statement.

About what is happening at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", journalists, representatives of the IAEA and other governments know only very scanty reports of the Japanese authorities. Their analysis by the European Commission experts, disappointing — the first and the third power of the reactor core meltdown started when the system is cooling.

Prepare military helicopter that will drop water on the third reactor nuclear power plant, and for the first reactor to police headquarters in Japan tries to accommodate special water cannon mounted on the base of the truck.

"First of all, I have to say — what is happening on the emergency nuclear power — this is not the difficulty of Fukushima Prefecture, the national disaster! Residents of Fukushima, no more strength to endure fear. And they also have nowhere to run," — said the governor of Fukushima, Yuhei Sato.

Then the governor admitted that a hundred thousand people being able to place in temporary shelters in great need everywhere: from kerosene to warm up food to survive. In rehabilitation centers prefecture to avoid exposure.

Those who do not have enough space, we have to travel to other prefectures — again measured, finding gasoline and food.

I'm going to work, but can still be purchased, but the queue grow — their hard, but still volunteers arrange the speakers. Having bought bags full of food, the Japanese did not try looking up as quickly as possible to pass the queue in the open, from which rain falls all the time — hunger is stronger than fear of radiation.

In Niigata prefecture — the inscription in Russian, in large letters: "Welcome," but the smiles on their faces, no, masks, badges and overcrowded hospitals.

In neighboring Miyagi, to keep warm, people are sleeping in their cars. Wrapped up in all that is at hand, people to solve complex problems, "How to dispose of the fuel in the tank" — will be warm — does not go far, has spent fuel on the road — before reaching freeze. "Those who came in, warmed, start looking for relatives.

Meanwhile, the broken roads of Fukushima Prefecture for emergency plant nominated bulldozers. They will clear the way for firefighters. Units at any cost to cool. At the 2nd reactor may complete melting and sintering of fuel — the disastrous consequences of not dare tell anyone. As so far no one knows how to take control of the temperature — the main hope of boric acid, which fell into the reactor, the idea is to stop the chain reaction. The tension grows.

And in all of this extremely complex situation in Japan remains a place for tears of joy. Today, in Miyagi prefecture, a hospital building miraculously survived arrived exhausted Dr. Takeshi Kano — rescuing people in another city, it only a few hours late for the birth of his own wife. Today has been born Japanese, who still does not know what the tsunami and the nuclear threat. A boy named Ray — "Hope."

Maxim Semin

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