Who in the other world to live well


Representations of the immortality of the soul and the afterlife is in almost every religion, but not every doctrine, and not everyone on the "other world" promises a brighter future. As in ancient times, and these days people make elaborate rituals for the dead in order to facilitate their posthumous fate. The dead are in need or "there's nothing there?"

It would seem simple and living in harmony with nature hunter or farmer is much easier to believe in death as the irreversible end to the human being than to imagine the continuation of life in eternity. The flower fades and turns to dust, bird falls to the ground and no longer up in the air … However, the vast majority of the peoples of the planet has established stable idea that life continues beyond the grave, but in a different form.

The other world, in which the souls of the departed after death, is present in all pagan faiths, and none of them, he is joyous. The abode of darkness, weeping and despair he appears even to the greatest of mortals.

"Better if I wanted to live as a day laborer working in the field,
Service of the poor plowman earn their daily bread,
Rather than here on the soulless dead reign … "- lamenting about his posthumous fate of Achilles in Homer.

The peoples of practicing witchcraft and shamanism, most of all fear of death is sorcerers and shamans. They cling to the earthly life to the last, trying to use it to extend all possible means. Perfume, which sorcerers and shamans contacted at life, often find their ill-will. For example, if a shaman while refusing kamlat, his "entourage" may severely revenge — to destroy his cattle or even the children of his family, and then to come, "owner" in the form of vicious dogs with bloody noses. With such a mystical experience, shamans and sorcerers are afraid of being at the mercy of cruel spirits after death, when the drum will not help.

Perhaps the most attractive of the pagan worlds beyond the grave looks Valhalla. Unless, of course, you would want to spend eternity in a military camp with endless and quite violent teachings. In Norse mythology, afterlife elect, has accepted a dignified death in combat soldiers, described as a giant room with a roof made of gilded shields that propped spears. Doors in Valhalla only 540, and when the final battle breaks out — Ragnarok — the call of God Heymdalla of each door will go to 800 soldiers. To the same pores every morning warriors clothed in armor, take up arms and chopped to death. By the evening of the fallen in battle are raised, their severed limbs grow back again, and all sit down at the tables to feast with copious libations. At night the soldiers come beautiful virgins to appease them until the morning.

When in northern Europe came Christian missionaries, in their sermons began to argue that Valhalla — this is hell, and endless chopping of human bodies into pieces and subsequent recovery — this is the eternal torments of hell. Indeed, not everyone will like every day to finish with its head cut off, even if it is then consoled beautiful virgins. By the way, the eternal bliss of the female in Valhalla nobody thought.

The ancient Egyptians, like the Greeks, believed the underground kingdom of the dead place heavy, dark and bleak, but do not lose hope after the death of some sly way to get out of it. The famous Egyptian "Book of the Dead" — it is just instructions on how to get out of the dark hell at will and rise again. According to this source, the deceased in the afterlife awaiting devious traps that need to be recognized. If you managed to escape the underground monsters, the soul comes to the court of Osiris, which weighed her lifetime case. The main task of the dead — back to earth with the sun god Ra Barca, that is to conquer death. Those who succeed, eternal life awaits in the ageless and disease-prone body on the fertile land. However, in the Egyptian society paradise promises to be a strictly class, the peasants, and there will continue to cultivate the land, and the Pharaohs — rule people and bask in luxury.

The Greek Hades and did like a thoroughfare — went down there and went back to the living world Hercules, Orpheus, Odysseus. Subject deception infernal judges and guards to go free and return to the land of the living is present in many Greek myths. This is not surprising: if Hades — this vale of tears, where poluprizrachnye soul forced to wander forever, we must also find a way to escape from there?

About how fancy the afterlife our ancestors Slavs kept quite a bit of information. The most reliable one — man's fate after death they are not considered solved once and for all. Of course, according to the beliefs of the Slavs, the state of man after death depended on how righteous he lived life on earth. The cult of the dead ancestors was extremely common: according to them were committed with lush wake mandatory kutey, pancakes and jelly. Especially trying to appease those who have died "is not a natural death" — the Slavs feared that the restless souls of the living can cause harm.

The first of the Old Testament prophets, the resurrection of the dead, Daniel spoke clearly. "You go to your end and rest, and to get your dice at the end of days," — said in the twelfth chapter of his book. But according to Christian doctrine, after the fall, parents, Adam and Eve's fall into hell the souls of all the dead, including the Old Testament saints.

The first coming deliverance concluded souls in hell and preached the prophet John the Baptist and Christ Simeon the God-Receiver. In Christianity, the first time an idea is not just what the hell some sly way you can get out, but that hell itself can be destroyed. According to church teachings, after His suffering and death on the cross, Jesus Christ, like all people, descended into hell, but since it is not only man, but God, hell has not made His deity and was destroyed. Christ preached in hell to all the people who ever lived on earth from Adam and Eve before His crucifixion. Those of the dead, who have been willing to respond to his preaching, were released from hell and entered into the kingdom of heaven.

However, the Orthodox Church does not teach about any "omissions in paradise," which, according to some people's views, relatives are guaranteed to get them dear deceased. So if you offer somewhere "sealing funeral" or "leading out of hell Prayers", know that you are being deceived. The only guarantee for getting into heaven, according to Orthodox teaching, can serve as a good will of the deceased to live with Christ and seek His Kingdom.

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