2011 is to be a year of hurricanes

2011 is to be a year of hurricanesThis year will be very rich in strong storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic. This forecast was based on the data accumulated over 28 years of observations made by the staff of the American University of Colorado. According to the university, the current forecast is using the new model.

The authors believe that the abnormally high temperatures in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean, combined with the neutral temperatures in the Pacific will cause the current hurricane season will be more active than usual.

According to the website of the institution at the hurricane season — June 1 to November 30 — in the Atlantic basin tropical storms occur 16 (American meteorologists usually give such natural phenomena human names), each of whom have a chance to turn into hurricanes. Five of them can be particularly devastating, with winds over 170 miles per hour.

The probability that at least one hurricane will reach the U.S. coast, the University is estimated at 72%. The authors therefore recommend forecast East Coast residents not to neglect the preparation for natural disasters.

Even if this prediction come true, this season will still be weaker than the last, we note immediately 19 "nominal" tropical storms, 12 of which became hurricanes. Thus in 2010 by hurricane activity in the Atlantic divide absolute third place in 1887 and 1995.

The main factors that make prediction of the University of Colorado may not be realized, is the behavior of the so-called phenomenon of "El Nino" — influences the climatic events of temperature fluctuations of surface water in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. If in 2010 it would increase the number of storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic, is likely to be lower than expected.

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