Anticyclone bring the center of Russia dry and calm weather

In the central regions of European Russia, Turkey, the east Mediterranean and Asia Minor, this week will anticyclone, which will bring with it a dry, calm and relatively warm weather, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"This will set a powerful extensive ridge of the subtropical anticyclone will push far to the north path of Atlantic hurricanes. Together with High on ETP will warm and dry air mass," — said in a statement.

"But … all continue to show stronger seasonal cooling of the land surface — the continent. Air in a thin surface layer will also cool down quickly, forming stratiform clouds, often covering the sky, in the middle of the week sometimes even eliminated mists weak drizzling rain, but, all the same their number is very small, "- say meteorologists.

They emphasize that in large cities because of falling air, forming layers of delaying slightly worse environmental situation.

The temperature will continue to drop very slowly: the night a few below zero during the day — a little higher. "Earlier this week, a positive anomaly temperature is 3-4 degrees by the end of the week, she will be reduced to 2 degrees and places the value of the average daily temperature is below 0 degrees," — said the weather center.

Tuesday and Thursday night temperatures will range from 3 degrees below zero to 3 degrees Celsius during the day — from 0 to 5. On Friday and Saturday night will be from 6 degrees below zero to 1 degree heat during the day from 1 degree below zero to 4 heat.

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