Baranavičy consolidated for support

Viktor Pavlovich Statkievich 84. Statkevich quite often visited his father in Baranovichi and helped him. Now, Victor P. son was left without support — Statkevich arrested.

Victor Syritsa, chairman of the department of Baranavichy TBM F. Skaryna says Now that duty to look after the residents Baranovichy this man:

"Ward father Statkevich was to some extent a tradition. When Nicholas was on the "chemistry", and then we kept a close relationship with him. Well, now it is our moral duty to support Viktor Pavlovich Statkievich. "

Father knows detainee policy developments in the country and is extremely worried about his son, Victor continues Syritsa:

"He was crying. He sincerely regrets his son. Hard to worry about with him is. Viktor Pavlovich 84. But he is well aware of what is happening in the country. He listens to Radio Liberty, reads "People's Will", though he is almost right eye sees nothing. Especially not like there to help him, says all the time, I'll do all he'll buy. "

He was crying. He sincerely regrets his son. Hard to worry about with him is.

The initiative was supported by Victor Syritsa in Baranavichy. Are preparing for Christmas and gifts and help his father Policy:

"I know that at the office of the Belarusian Popular Front prepare the transfer to him. At the office Milinkevich also make Christmas gifts and presents, that person has expressed interest in our local newspaper "Intex-press".

A member of the BPF Baranovichy Alexander Gritsevets said that his party will join the support of his father Statkevich. Assistance will be provided to residents and Baranovichy who were detained at the Plaza and which are now adybvayuts sentences in prisons in Akrestsin in Zhodino:

"We certainly will render not only moral support, but also to buy what you need. We will see over the situation. We will be meeting during which discuss what assistance we can provide the detainees in the Square. Abayazkova will look after all and decide how we can help. "

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