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Battery to burst smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II traumatized schoolboy

March 27, 2012 2:32

High school student in South Korea was taken to hospital with burns buttocks and fingers, which were the result of the explosion of his spare battery device, which he kept in his back pocket.
Battery to burst smartphone Samsung Galaxy S IIExploded battery designed for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S2. According to the rules of the school, which caters to the injured boy, the use of communication in the classroom is strictly prohibited. So he passed the smartphone the school, but left with them an extra battery. Student himself can not say what caused the explosion. According to him, reports Fareastgizmos, first battery started to heat up, then it went to smoke with a very bad smell, and then it exploded in his pocket. All this has led to a burn buttocks during the explosion and fingers, because the boy was trying to get the battery out of his pocket.

 Parents of students reported that the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone with additional battery was purchased in December of last year from an authorized distributor Samsung. With the Korean manufacturer of mobile electronics contacted on the issue, and its representatives have already seized exploding batteries for examination. The official commentary Samsung said that the issue will be decided by the company, is engaged in production of batteries for vehicles Samsung, but to investigate all aspects of the case will take some time.
Explosive batteries equipped with not only the device with the label Samsung — U.S. companies are also guilty of this. Earlier this year, the company was fined by Hewlett Packard for implementing laptop batteries which can get very hot when the computer or charging and could not stand the heat, detonate. Three years ago, China was officially registered cases of battery explosion mobile phone, resulting in the death of the owner. It is noteworthy that exploded a brand new battery that has been installed in your phone in just a few minutes before the explosion.

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