Downpours, hail and floods in Greece

Downpours, hail and floods in GreeceIf you are planning a winter vacation and want to escape to warmer climes, beware. On the Mediterranean Sea not stop rains and floods.

Winter travel companies offer tours to Greece, Italy and Spain. But lately, in these countries there is not a good weather.

The second week is rampant rains, storms and hurricanes. And the weather does not plan to improve. Most of precipitation over the past three days has fallen in Greece. The islands recorded 80 liters of water per square meter of land. On the popular tourist islands of Rhodes and Kos began flooding.

Under the water were the streets and houses in the cities of Lindos, Arhaggelos, Afantos and Kallithea in Rhodes, as well as resorts Asfendoni, dust, Kardamaina, Antimaheya and mullet on the island of Kos. Both islands have declared a state of emergency.

The situation is very serious, because the island of Kos, except showers was also a hailstorm that destroyed farmland, knocked out windows in homes, damaged roofs. Residents are already engaged with the consequences, but a lot of work.

In neighboring Turkey, the weather is also not conducive to tourists. In most of the country became much colder, and the snow fell in Ankara. On the southern coast of daily temperature rises to above 15 degrees, and at night is reduced to 5. In the coming days are expected heavy rains and strong winds.

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