Moscow will patrol Dagestanis? Look for a new order of Dagestan!



MOSCOW, November 28 (New Region, Anastasia Smirnova) — Dagestanis after Cossacks want to start patrolling Moscow.

Representatives of the national diaspora fear that the Cossack brigade, which began on the eve of public order in the center of the Russian capital, can contribute to the escalation of ethnic tensions. Avoiding this would help to be the involvement of the patrols diasporas.
This "News" said the head of the Committee on International Relations and religious organizations of the People's Assembly of Dagestan Kamil Davdiev.

According to him, before beginning practice patrolling the central Moscow streets Cossack militia, it was necessary to ask the opinion of the national communities.
"It was necessary to listen to the proposals of diasporas. "Let us join together to walk" — that such a proposal would be beneficial. That is, if you're not a Cossack, but want to take part in patrols, then please open the door. Because the creation of these teams could lead to further escalation of the situation — said Davdiev.

He explained why in practice natsdiaspor patrol Cossacks caused wariness.
"When we say," Cossack, Cossack, Cossack … "laid certain expectations. Especially given the statements the governor of Krasnodar Territory (Alexander Tkachev in September initiated in the region create "Cossack police") that he creates it, that she help law enforcement agencies, "What you are not allowed, they are allowed." And you would think that they have the right to do whatever they want, "- said Davdiev.
Press secretary of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Dagestan Magomedrasul Lobster also believe that as long as such a measure as the Cossack patrols — useless. In his opinion, no Cossacks would have been unnecessary if the normal functioning police.
"If the police will work as expected, there will be no need for a Cossack patrols. Today Cossack detachments, tomorrow someone else. And when the police work? "- Asks the representative of Dagestani Muslims.
First Deputy District Ataman Cossack society "South-East" Igor Gulich, who along with his colleagues on November 27 patrolled the area Belosrusskaya assured the "News" that the fears are unfounded ethnic communities.
"In principle, anything. But we are such a problem does not put to chase some dissidents and representatives of other religions, other faiths. If we are in doubt, only one way out: do not disturb the public order. Disturb the public order will not — they Dagestanis, Chechens, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Tajiks — to them nobody no measures will not apply, "- he argues.
Gulich said that with the Cossacks is shared with the police.
"We ourselves do not have to serve the right, we can only assist law enforcement bodies", — he said.
In this case, the idea of joint patrols with natsdiasporami Gulich took skeptical.
"According to the 154-th the federal law on the civil service, the government has identified types of services that can be dealt with by members of the Cossack societies. One of which is the protection of public order. We trust the government in this regard, and we are ready to do it. And who wants to join us — it would be good to organize their patrols in Dagestan, Chechnya … And that is something they are there for the service itself does not impose, but once come to Moscow, immediately begin to think about how they would accede to this business "- said the deputy leader.

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