Russia has proposed to legalize prostitution and brothels to open formal

"Just Cause" in Russia has proposed to legalize prostitution and provide "prostitutes" pension …

"Just Cause" in Russia has proposed to legalize prostitution and provide "prostitutes" Pensions Just Cause

"Just Cause" in Russia has proposed to legalize prostitution and provide "prostitutes" pension

"Just cause" is concerned about the situation in the country of prostitutes who work in slave-like conditions, and "then dumped on the street sick and useless." Therefore, the party chairman Andrei Dunayev said the possible inclusion in the program of the party demands the legalization of prostitution: it will give "priestesses of love," the ability to open brothels regularly checked by a doctor, and a pension.

Such an initiative would require changes to both the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation, according to which for prostitution shall be fined, and for organizing or engaging in it — in prison. As far as society is ready for such changes, the party is going to find out by opinion polls, reports "Interfax".

The fact that the "just cause" think about the legalization of prostitution in Russia, it was learned from the interview Party chairman Andrei Dunayev newspaper "Izvestia". "We do not advocate for easier access to prostitutes, but we want to draw attention to the problem that these women work in intolerable conditions, are used as slaves, and then thrown out sick and useless. "Roof" of or openly criminal elements, or quite often unscrupulous police, "- said Dunayev.

According to "pravodelov" women of easy virtue worthy of the same rights and conditions as all other citizens. Therefore it is necessary "to allow them to come together to open the stores and work legally" and "to give the opportunity to undergo regular medical examinations and qualify for pension contributions."

In order to put these ideas into practice, will require changes in the Code of Administrative Offences and the Criminal Code, the source said "Interfax" in the Interior Ministry. Currently the maximum penalty for prostitution is a fine of up to two thousand, for involvement in prostitution — a fine up to two hundred thousand or imprisonment for up to three years, and for the organization of prostitution can get up to five years in prison.

Before you make the initiative, members are going to "test the waters": they have already started negotiations with the major centers of the country sociological polls and "Levada Center" and begin to write questions that will help you learn how to meet the initiative population. The studies have to start in January 2013.

The head of the VTsIOM Valery Fedorov believes that legalizing prostitution will likely negative feedback. Note that in some other countries, a similar bill was supported by the public. Among them — the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, RBC reports.

Meanwhile, according to RIA "News", the Danube was very surprised resonance, which caused him to interview. Despite the seriousness of the problem, it is not a priority, which is going to decide the party — is far more important political reforms, convinced Dunayev. The party proposed a parliamentary republic in the country, "as such excludes Institute of presidential power." In addition, before the address the issue of the rights of "prostitutes", will need to deal with the rights of prisoners with reform of the correctional system.

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